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Have you found your marketing mojo for 2015?

25 Mar 2015 by Brenda Perham

In the good ole days (at least 20 years ago) marketing your salon or spa was pretty much a no brainer, the only options were Yellow Pages (or White Pages if you’re Australian!) and the newspaper.

In fact it was an area of your business that you didn’t really need to put any energy or effort into. As a hairdresser I remember the clients came, you created an awesome do and off they went happy as until next time. Life and business was a lot simpler then.

Why focus on marketing?

When you stop and really think about that we have travelled pretty fast in a very short time frame. Can we go back…no. Can we bury our head in the sand and try and stay still…no, we can’t do that either!

As a business coach I am a true believer that word of mouth and an amazing client journey go a long way in building your brand but you do have to put on your marketing hat these days to drive your business growth and client loyalty.

Getting started

The key to getting this up and running is a Marketing Calendar. Once you can plan out the year you will see there are lots of naturally occurring marketing opportunities that you can build promotions around. We have two heading our way soon and they are Easter and Mother’s Day.


  • Easter eggs for the clients to enjoy
  • Easter hamper prize draw for retail purchase, treatment or rebooking
  • Update your Facebook cover with an Easter image
  • Wish all your clients a happy Easter via Facebook, email, text and in salon talkers

Mother’s Day

  • Gift voucher promo
  • Mother’s Day Pamper Package
  • Mother’s day prize draw where you nominate a Mum for a makeover

As you can see from the above it doesn’t need to be complex, you just need to plan ahead, give yourself time to get organised, utilise the marketing tools you have (email, text, in salon talkers, Facebook etc) and follow through. All to often we throw it together at the last minute and wonder why it was a flop!

Make the most of your software

Packages are a great marketing tool and can be easily created and sold with Kitomba, there are lots of great resources to help you to create and use packages in our marketing support guides.

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