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Top hair and beauty business tips from our award-winning customers

30 Jan 2020 by Isabella Castle

It was incredibly exciting to celebrate The Industry Awards for the tenth time in 2019 and we were so proud to work alongside HITO and NZARH to bring such an amazing event to the industry! We were in awe as we watched so many of our talented customers walk across the stage at The Industry Awards after being announced as winners and we have to say they’re all pretty incredible! So we thought we’d sit down with them and learn more about what has made them so successful and share our learnings with the rest of our amazing customers!



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Puravida, 2019 New Zealand Beauty Salon of the Year

Sherri-Lee, the owner of Puravida, spoke to us about the underlying philosophy of Puravida and why it’s made her so successful:

“[Our philosophy is] putting the clients’ needs and wants first and working on the things that can get us to that point. Every little part of this journey has been focused on education, knowledge, values and customer service. The focus of Puravida has always been on continued education: being a leader in our industry when it comes to knowledge so that we can provide our clients with the best skin results and service. Clients are more than just numbers to us, they are the reason why we do what we do, and that we can do what we do. I guess summed up, we believe in honest, informed, personalised client-focused services!” 

She finished off by saying that “the best success however, is having the client base returning, sharing amazing reviews and sharing Puravida with family and friends.”



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Reds Hairdressing, 2019 Excellence in Marketing winner

Reds Hairdressing won the Excellence in Marketing award, which celebrates a salon with exceptional marketing innovation and creativity and attention to its target market. Diana, the owner, is also a trained business coach showing there’s no doubt she’s qualified to lead an award-winning salon. She gave us some insight into what she tells her clients when they’re struggling with marketing:

Have a plan. The biggest thing to consider is – what is the purpose of your marketing? What outcome do you want to achieve and why? Start with the big picture, then break it down into specific, more focused goals.”

She also believes it’s incredibly important to ensure her clients are receiving value at every touchpoint:

“We want to deliver value at every touchpoint, it’s not just about the hair. We wanted booking to be easy, so we made it as simple as possible. It’s the little things that make the difference. It’s all about making their journey smoother – it’s not about us, it’s about them.” 




Tayla Carpenter, 2019 Top Performing Stylist of the Year

Tayla Carpenter has been in the industry for 17 years and is still going strong. Her determination comes from a real love for both hair and people. Tayla emphasises the importance of nurturing relationships, which can be quite a task when you have so many different clients coming into the salon every day. One way she finds success in this area is due to implementing what she calls power booking.

I also do ‘power-booking’, where I sit down every morning, look through my client cards for the day and consider what I did last time, what change I could offer, whether they had a treatment last time and general ways I could improve their experience. Power-booking has been really helpful as it shows our clients that we’re interested in them. For example, I may have written down that they’re going on holiday in January, so I can check in with them and see if they want to go lighter for their holiday, or maybe they want to take a particular product with them.”



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Tayla’d Styling, 2019 New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year

Tayla Carpenter is killing the game as a stylist, businesswoman and a mother. This makes balance really important to her, and she believes her team should also be able to have flexibility in finding their work-life balance. In trying to achieve that, she focuses on building trust and maintaining honest and open communication.

“We’re very open with communication, we talk one on one daily and have performance reviews every 4 months. This ensures I know whether they feel like they’re heading in the right direction. It’s important to me that my team and I have a work-life balance.”

Tayla also talked to us about how entering The Industry Awards has helped her:

“Entering The Industry Awards has helped by making me stop and evaluate ourselves and our systems. It also just gives us the drive to want to achieve more. The event is great and the companies that created it do such a good job, it’s nice to have an event like that in New Zealand. I’m so happy it exists, the whole team looks forward to it.”




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Iron + Ivy Hair and Beauty, 2019 Best Salon Design winner

Iron + Ivy’s new salon in central Queenstown is on the second story, giving their clients a chance to escape the bustling streets. They only opened in May 2019, so getting an award in the same year they opened is a great way to start! 

They recognised that the design process can be stressful, but it’s also one of the most exciting parts. Iron + Ivy told us how they went about progressing their ideas into reality

“I spent a lot of time creating mood boards and drawing out aspects of the salon that I wanted, some of which seemed impossible at the time but are now a reality. I wanted to create a space that was not only enjoyable to look at as a representation of art, but also a place where a client could physically become part of the inspiration behind the design. The design was crucial but I also wanted to create a natural flow and provide the best possible experience for both our clients and team alike.”

Why not show off your success in 2020 by entering The Industry Awards? For more information, visit the website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.  


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