New client filter option for Kitomba 1

New filter options for client lists

7 Dec 2021 by Kitomba

Our new filter allows you to choose the exact date range you want, giving you the freedom to create lists that are perfectly customised to your needs! This applies to Mailchimp, Kitomba 1 text campaigns, and your Client tab. 

How it works 

When you create a list, you’ll be able to choose “since”,“between” or “until” from the dropdown, which will allow you to create lists using a custom date range. 


If you’re wanting to get a list for a certain time period, you can use “between” and select specific start and end dates. For example, you could run a list of clients who “had a past appointment” during the dates you were in lockdown to get them booked in again. between appoitmeents for client filter release blog


If you’re creating a list for past clients or purchases, you’ll be able to select “since”, which will allow you to create a list from a specific date in the past up until the current date. 


Use “until” to create a list from the current date to a future date that you specify. For example, if you’re looking to fill your appointment book, you could email clients that have not “got a future appointment” in your specified time period with an offer to encourage them to book.until for the client filter release blog


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