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Kitomba features that help you share and record important COVID-19 information

19 Nov 2021 by Kitomba

As COVID-19 continues to change the way we work and live, we’ve had many customers reach out to ask how Kitomba can help with these ongoing changes and government requirements. While every country and state have different rules and requirements, we’ve put together a list of features that you might find useful at this time to collect vaccination information and ensure your clients are aware of your current COVID-19 related policies. 

Use Forms to give and collect information

You can use our Forms feature to give information and ask any questions you need your client to answer, for example if you need them to agree to your terms and conditions. Forms can even be sent out to clients in advance of their appointment by email or text. Forms can include photos, checkboxes, signature fields and more, so you can gather all the information you need before your client even walks through the door.

Update your Online Booking page

It’s important to let your clients know what to expect when they visit your business. Of course you can update your website and social media to reflect any changes, but you may also want to update your Online Booking page to include any new policies or procedures you’d like your clients to know about. It’s easy to update the description on your Online Booking page, simply visit your Online Booking settings in Kitomba 1 and update the About your business section.

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Set up custom client and appointment attributes

You can create custom attributes to record appointment information or client information. Appointment attributes help you and your staff to record actions or information related to a specific appointment, for example whether a client has agreed to your terms of service or shown proof of vaccination on this visit. 

Another way of using attributes is to create a client attribute that will always appear on the client card and is not related to any specific appointment. If you create a checkbox attribute and choose for it to show on the calendar quickview in Kitomba, then your staff will be able to see it on the client card as well as on the Kitomba calendar. Find out how to use client attributes to record a client’s vaccination status with our helpful support guide.

Send an email or text campaign

It’s easy to send a one off email or text campaign from Kitomba. This is a great way to let your clients with an upcoming appointment know what to expect if there have been any changes to your policies or procedures. 

To get started with creating an email campaign with MailChimp, watch our video. To learn how to create a one-off text message campaign in Kitomba, check out our support guide. If you’re a Platinum or Diamond customer, you can also send text campaigns using Kitomba 1, check out our support guide to find out how.

Get help from Kitomba support

If you need any help using Kitomba to manage your new needs, remember you can contact our incredible support team via phone, email or webchat whenever you need them.

Kitomba resources

If you need additional support, we have a number of resources available to our customers:

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