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How Kitomba complies with the GDPR

25 May 2018 by Kitomba

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective as of 25 May 2018. We’ve been working with a specialist team to ensure we comply with this change.

How can Kitomba help you comply with the GDPR?

To see how our software and processes help you to be compliant with the GDPR, check out our blog.

How does Kitomba comply with the GDPR?

Here’s an overview of what we’ve done:

  • We’ve created a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) for our UK customers. The DPA outlines our privacy commitments and sets out the terms for Kitomba and our customers to meet the GDPR requirements. All Kitomba customers in the UK have been provided with a copy of the DPA to sign. You can also view the DPA here.
  • We updated our Privacy Policy. To read our Privacy Policy click here.
  • Kitomba staff contracts were reviewed and meet the GDPR requirements.
  • The Kitomba team has been trained to correctly use and process your businesses information.  
  • We’ve completed an investigation of our software and deemed it compliant with the GDPR. For more information about how our software meets the requirements, read our blog.
  • Kitomba’s internal processes have been updated to ensure we and our customers can be compliant. To learn more about our internal processes, visit our blog.
  • We’ve reviewed and, where required, re-signed our agreements with our partners to ensure they and Kitomba are compliant with the GDPR.

If you have any questions about Kitomba and the GDPR, please send our support team an email via support@kitomba.com and we’ll respond urgently.

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