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The elements of a perfect client consultation

6 Oct 2017 by Kitomba

Your client consultation is one of the most important tools you will ever use! The consultation is vital to a positive visit with a client. It sets the tone for the client’s entire experience and helps to determine the trust level the client will have with you.

But what elements create the perfect client consultation? Here are our thoughts on the five elements you should be thinking about.

The meet and greet

Whether it’s a regular client visiting, or a new client’s first impression of you and the business, the way you greet a client is incredibly important. There’s a few things to think about:

Your greeting

It’s important to create an instant positive connection with your client as this will assist in building trust and creating a great relationship with them. So ensure your greeting is warm and happy. And make them feel comfortable by asking friendly questions like how their day is going.

Body language

Be mindful of your body language. Always sit down for the consultation so you’re on the same level as your client and pull out their chair so you’re sitting face to face. This gives the impression that you care and you’re really listening to them. Remember, the mirror is a helpful tool, but don’t use it throughout the entire consultation.

The little things

Using the client’s name, smiling and maintaining eye contact are tiny details, but they definitely go a long way. And be careful of the language you’re using. Your client will be reassured you understand them and feel comfortable if you use their language.

Ask all the right questions

The most important part of the perfect consultation is gathering information from your client about what they really want and need. By collecting the right information you’ll be able to understand what they’re wanting to achieve so you can provide the right recommendations and create their desired outcome.

So what questions should you be asking?

Learn about your client

Ask general questions to help you learn more about your client. Understanding their job and lifestyle are particularly vital to understanding their needs. Remember to ask open questions to encourage your clients to open up to you and check for understanding if there’s anything you’re unsure of.

Understand what your client wants

What has your client had done in the past? What have they liked and disliked? What do they want to achieve? By finding out your client’s history, it’ll help you determine the journey you need to take them on. Really dive into what exactly they’re wanting to achieve by asking what their desired outcome would look like.

Get to know the specifics

You really need to learn as much as you can in order to determine exactly what your recommendations will be. Don’t forget to ask your client what their morning hair ritual is or what their night-time skin care regime consists of. Do they use any styling tools or products and do they use a particular range of skincare? It’s the details that really matter!

Use photos

You’re working on your client’s appearance, so using visual aids to assist with your client consultations is ideal. A great way to do this is with photos, which is a feature available in Kitomba.

Your clients can upload a photo of what they’d like to achieve when they book their appointment online. This also means you’ll have a helpful tool to assist with your consultation process. You can easily see what your client wants and talk about what is possible before taking them through your recommendations.

Photos can also be used to document your clients progress and journey. Take photos and save them to their client card. Review them together, see if you’ve achieved what they were asking for or track how they’re progressing towards their goal. And when a client asks for “the same as last time” with a photo record it’s easier to replicate.

Tip! Use tablets or phones in your salon, spa or clinic with access to your client cards. That way, no matter where you’re doing a client consultation, you have your clients photos and details on hand.

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Client records

Remembering client details is another important element for creating the perfect client consultation. If they’re a first time client, you’ll learn so much during your first appointment so it’s important to note it all down so you have their history for their next visit. And if they’re a regular client it’s impossible to remember their full history. By investing in a software system like Kitomba you can keep client details organised and easily access them whenever you need to.

For example, being able to easily access details like allergies, drink preferences and where they just went on holiday is all an important part of creating an overall positive experience for your client.

And when it comes to getting great results, client notes such as colour history and products or treatments used are so important to ensuring you’re able to provide great service with a happy client leaving your salon or spa.

You’re the expert

The client consultation process provides a great opportunity for you to use your knowledge and experience to understand your clients and provide the best recommendation to meet their goals.

Remember as the expert you should be a useful resource for your clients and the person they can obtain advice from too. So be helpful and make suggestions you think your clients will appreciate.

If you put time and focus into achieving the perfect client consultations the benefits for your clients, as well as your salon or spa, can be significant!

Kitomba Salon and Spa Software has the features you need to create a great experience for every client. Find out how Kitomba can help you grow your salon, spa or clinic.

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