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8 ways to get more referrals

18 Apr 2018 by Kitomba

Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing with 92% of people relying on the opinions of their friends and family to help make purchasing decisions. So here’s 8 ways to get more referrals to grow your business!

1. Create a referral program

Creating a referral program is a good first step to getting more referrals. It opens up the opportunity to ask your clients to refer your business and puts clear processes in place for your clients and staff to follow. To get started, think about:

  • How your clients can refer new ones.
  • How you’ll capture information about the referrer.
  • If you’ll offer the referrer and new client a reward.

2. Promote referrals

Whatever programme or process you have in place to get referrals, it’s vital to ensure everyone knows about it. So sit down and come up with a plan on how to let people know. Here’s some ideas:

  • Include some information on your website.
  • Send an email using MailChimp or text message to all your clients asking them to refer, or about how your referral programme works.
  • Use social media to promote referrals.
  • Tell your clients about it! If you have a client who’s ecstatic about their experience with you – ask them to tell their friends and family about it.
  • If you have any referral cards or posters display these at your stations, in treatment rooms or at the counter where clients pay. It could spark a conversation, giving you the opportunity to promote referring.

3. Reward the referrer and new client

If you want clients to refer and new clients to come to your salon, you may need to reward them.

For the referrer, it will incentivise them to promote your business. For the new client it may be the push they need to come and visit you for the first time. It’s also a nice way to make them feel special and valued, and get their first visit to your salon, spa or clinic off to the right start.

4. Track where your referrals come from

Tracking your referrals is vital to getting more. By learning where they’re coming from, for example, you may get more referrals from your current clients than social media, you can start to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Then you have the ability to focus your limited time and budget towards the avenues that work best for your business. This could ultimately result in more referrals!

Tip! Use the ‘Referred by’ field in the Kitomba and Kitomba 1 Client Card to capture this information, and report on it.

5. Partner with a local business

Partnering with a complementary business is an easy way to get more referrals. It gives you access to a group of clients in your target market which you may otherwise be unable to reach.

Start by deciding which businesses in your area are targeting the same clients, and have the same service quality and expectations as you (this is key to a successful partnership). Next you’ll need to decide on your referral offer and how you think it’ll work. Now it’s time to approach the potential partners with your concept and explain how it’ll be mutually beneficial for you both. Be sure to think about promoting this partnership too.

6. Exceed client expectations

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to get referrals. However, it often comes from loyalty and that’s something you have to earn. If you want to get your clients raving about you, you’re really going to have to wow them. So sit down with your team and brainstorm some ways you can do this. By implementing some improvements that exceed your clients expectations, you can increase your client loyalty which can lead to an increase in client referrals.

7. Make it easy

This is a simple one, but easy to overlook. Too often we can miss out on referrals because we’ve just made it too hard. Here’s some tips to make it easier:

  • Ensure the process is easy to understand.
  • Outline the process somewhere that’s easy for clients to find.
  • Make it simple for your clients to refer (one or two steps should be the maximum).

8. Ask for feedback

This won’t give you instant referrals, but it’ll work towards getting you more over time. By talking to your current clients about what they like and don’t like about your service, you can get a good sense of how you could improve. This can take your service from satisfying customers to dazzling them, turning them into fans that refer your business!

We hope using one or two of these strategies helps you to increase your referrals and grow your business!

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