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10 ways to promote your online booking site and get more bookings

13 Sep 2021 by Kitomba

Do you want to get more bookings for your hair and beauty business? Here are 10 simple ways to promote your online booking platform and encourage your clients to book their salon, spa or clinic appointments online.

1. Add Book Now buttons to your Facebook page and Instagram profile

Make it easy for your clients to book an appointment with you. You can now add Book Now buttons to your Facebook business page and Instagram profile, powered by Kitomba’s Online Booking, to make it convenient and fast for clients to book. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to get it installed

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2. Add online booking to your website and Google My Business listing

Make sure the button for online booking is on the top half of your website (above the fold line) and ensure the booking button is easy to find. Including a book now button in your website’s main navigation will help with this. 

You should also add your online booking link to your Google My Business listing. You can do this easily in the admin section of your free account.

3. Update your voicemail message

If your clients can’t get in touch with you, simply let them know there’s another way to book with you. This will reduce the chances of them finding somewhere else to make their appointment.

A simple message like, “Sorry we can’t get to the phone right now, you can book online at [insert web address here]” will reassure them you can still take their booking even though you couldn’t answer their call.

Salon client on phone4. Put a sign on the front counter

Create an eye catching “Book Online” sign for your salon, spa or clinic and place it on the front counter where clients can see it when they pay.

5. Put a sign on your front door

Make sure people know they can still make an appointment even if you’re closed. Place a sign on your front door or window with a message to say you’re taking online bookings, and include your online booking website address.

For example, the sign could say: “The salon may be closed, but we take bookings online 24/7!”

6. Send an email or text message campaign

Make sure all your clients know you have online booking with a personalised email or text message, like: “Great news, you can now book through our website or Facebook page!” And include a link to your online booking page in the message. Shorten the link first using Bitly so you can save characters.

7. Include an online booking link in emails

Including a link to your online booking page in all emails you send will keep it front of mind for your clients and provide an easy way for them to book and take action from the email. Ensure the link is prominent with a call-to-action telling them to book online.

Online booking on laptop

8. Use automated marketing for rebooking reminders

Using Kitomba Salon and Spa Software you can set up a ‘rebooking reminder’ that automatically emails customers that haven’t re-booked five or six weeks after their appointment. Include a link or button in the automated email that links to your online booking page to make it easy for them to rebook.

For more automated marketing ideas for salons, spas and clinics, read: The 10 best client messages you can automate now

9. Set up a ‘lapsed client’ marketing campaign

With Kitomba Everyday Marketing you can automatically email clients who haven’t re-booked 12 weeks or more after their appointment prompting them to “come back”. Include a link or button to your online booking page encouraging them to book.

10. Include your online booking link in marketing materials

All your marketing materials should also remind clients that they can book online. For example, appointment reminder cards, receipt ‘footers’, refer-a-friend cards, loyalty and concession cards. The message can be simple, like: “Book online at [insert online booking URL].

Happy birthday message from salon

Grow your business with online booking

Clients are looking for convenience and simplicity when it comes to making their next hair or beauty appointment. The best thing you can do to meet your client’s needs and increase your revenue is to set up online booking. 

Kitomba’s Online Booking platform makes it simple for your clients to book at their convenience. With the freedom to make an appointment via your website or Facebook page, you’ll never have to worry about missing salon appointment booking calls again.

Are you a Kitomba customer and want to add Online Booking to your package? Contact us and we’ll get you set up! 

If you’re not already a Kitomba customer and would like to find out more, book your free demo where we’ll talk about your needs and how Kitomba Salon and Spa Software can help. 

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 15 Sep 2015 and has been completely updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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  1. The Salons we have worked with, that included their POS booking system within their website – their re-booking and new client attraction has increased. It is important that it is placed strategically within the design, with a colour that encourages action.

    Kitoomba system is great – you don’t need an additional booking system on your website, which I know a number of developers recommend. This is the new age of the web, getting all your tools and online presences working together is how you get best results, and save your precious time. Have a look at one of our recent sites for a great example.

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