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How to increase your bookings with Book Now buttons on Facebook and Instagram

8 Sep 2021 by Kitomba

Having Book Now buttons on your Facebook page and Instagram profile is a great way to increase bookings at your salon, spa or clinic as it makes it easy for your followers and potential clients to make appointments without needing to leave the social platform. 

Benefits of Book Now buttons

If you already use Online Booking powered by Kitomba, it’s free for you to add new Book Now buttons to your Facebook business page and Instagram profile. It also saves you time and removes the need to go back and forth with your clients when they connect with your brand on social media channels.

Integration with Kitomba’s Online Booking

Thanks to Kitomba’s new integration with Facebook, installing Book Now buttons and connecting them with your Online Booking streamlines the booking process and makes it easier for you to manage appointments in one spot. 

Increase online visibility for your hair and beauty business

The Book Now buttons are located at the top of your Facebook page or Instagram profile so it’s easy for profile visitors and followers to spot them and take action by booking an appointment with your business. If you run social ads on Facebook or Instagram, you can also add Book Now buttons to your ads which will help convert your followers into paying clients. 

Improve client experience

Your existing and potential clients are now able to book appointments with your hair or beauty business 24/7 directly from their favourite social media platforms so they don’t have to call or Google your website. Online booking makes it easy, fast and convenient for your clients providing a seamless client experience even before they visit your salon or clinic.

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Next steps

If you have your Book Now buttons ready to go, follow these steps below to make the most out of this new functionality. If you need help installing Book Now buttons on your Facebook page and Instagram profile, check out our tips on how to do it.

Get the word out

You have been growing your following and posting fantastic content to promote your hair and beauty business on social channels. Now it’s time to let your followers know that you take bookings through Instagram and Facebook by posting about it and sharing it on stories. 

Start advertising

Paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram can be an effective and low-cost tool to reach a wider audience and potential new clients for your salon or clinic. With new Book Now buttons, the ads will help drive people to your page or profile and increase your conversions.

If you’re interested in upgrading your package to include Online Booking, contact our support team to find out more, or test out Online Booking for free with our free 90-day trial

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