Reopening your salon after covid

Helping you reopen your salon, spa or clinic after lockdown

6 Sep 2021 by Kitomba

We know you’ll be excited for when COVID-19 restrictions lift and your business can reopen its doors. We’ve put together a few tips and resources that we hope can help you at this busy time!

Kitomba features

Restart your appointment reminders

If you asked our support team to put your messages on hold for you, you’ll need to give us a call once you’re back at your computer in the salon and we can turn them back on for you.

If you turned off appointment reminders yourself, you can turn them back on in the Admin tab in Kitomba:

  1. First check your preferences to ensure that your “default message type” is set to text. 
  2. Then tick ‘use client’s preferred contact method’ if you want to use that feature. 
  3. Finally select ‘save and update future messages’ in the pop up.

Turn on Online Booking

If you switched off Online Booking during this time, you can now switch it back on! It’s easy to do – just visit your Kitomba 1 Settings, select ‘Business details’ and switch your Online Booking website to ‘On’.  

If you kept your Online Booking site active but deactivated your staff members so that people could purchase online vouchers but not book appointments, you can reactivate your staff by visiting your Kitomba 1 settings, select the staff members and choose ‘available in online booking’ for each one.

Turn on Facebook and Instagram Book Now buttons

If you set up your Book Now buttons for Facebook and Instagram, but turned them off because you weren’t taking bookings, be sure to turn them back on. For more information, visit our blog.

Stay in touch with your clients

Kitomba makes it easy to stay in touch with your clients. You may want to:

  • let them know when you’re reopening and what your hours will be,
  • remind them to follow you on social media for updates, or
  • tell them your plan for getting everyone booked in for an appointment.

To get started with creating an email campaign with MailChimp, watch our video.
To learn how to create a one-off text message campaign in Kitomba, check out our support guide. If you’re a Platinum or Diamond customer, you can also send text campaigns using Kitomba 1, check out our support guide to find out how.

Manage a waitlist

If you’re a Platinum or Diamond customer, you can use our Waitlist feature. Record your clients’ appointment details in your waitlist and then move them onto your appointment book when a space becomes available. Waitlist is available in Kitomba 1, so you can manage your waitlist from anywhere, on any device. To learn more about how it works, visit our blog.

Share and record important COVID-19 information

While every country and state have different rules and requirements, we’ve put together a list of features that you might find useful at this time to collect vaccination information and ensure your clients are aware of your current COVID-19 related policies. Read more here.

Add an appointment buffer

We want to make it easy for you to clean between clients, and also to reduce waiting room congestion. Our Online Booking appointment buffer allows you to choose to automatically add a buffer to the end of every appointment booked online. Learn more about this feature in our blog.

Kitomba support

If there’s anything you need help with to get your business up and running again, remember our incredible support team is here to help you via phone, email or webchat whenever you need us.

Kitomba resources

If you need additional help and support, we have a number of resources available to our customers:

  • Visit the Kitomba COVID-19 Resource Centre to access a collection of blogs and videos that will provide you with advice, assistance and tools that can help you as you navigate the effects of COVID.
  • Our business videos page is full of advice from business coaches and experts on a range of topics.
  • Our business guides provide lots of information to assist you with any area of your business.

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