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Four questions salon owners need to ask themselves.

3 Oct 2014 by Brenda Perham

“The bad news is that time flies…..the good news is that you’re the pilot!” I love this saying because it’s very true…it all comes back to us as business owners, we create the culture we work within! Putting structure and strategy into your day and team will give you the opportunity to be more focused and more productive. Here’s some questions you may want to ask yourself:

Do you have a destination?
Do you have a weekly goal for turnover in your business? How many clients do you need to step through your door and what would each client need to spend on average to achieve your goal?

What’s your altitude?
To achieve your turnover goal, do you need more clients or staff, or do you just need the clients you have to spend more money (or maybe all of the above!).

Does your crew know the safety procedures?
Systems set you free, not only time wise but mentally as well. Everyone on the team needs to have a clear goal for performance. A policy & procedure manual is a must have nowadays to create a consistent culture within your business.

Do you know how much fuel you have in the tank?
Measuring productivity is vital (the tools in Kitomba make this easy!). Lack of productivity is the killer of profit these days. You need to be mentoring your team each week and rewarding them for their productivity and progress.

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