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We’ve partnered with Salon Pay to bring you memberships

24 Jun 2019 by Kitomba

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Salon Pay! Now it’s easy for Kitomba customers to offer customised memberships and flexible payment options to their clients, and sell products and services from their own online store.

What is Salon Pay?

Salon Pay is the hottest growing trend in the hair and beauty industry. It allows you to offer memberships to your clients, take booking fees, and set up a multitude of recurring payment options, including Afterpay. Plus, it makes it easy for you to open your own online store! It’s a clever, cloud based system that’s accessible from anywhere and only needs the internet to process payments.

Sell customised memberships

Salon Pay makes it easy to encourage your clients to visit more regularly by offering extra value in the form of memberships.

Salon Pay allows you to create fully customised memberships, so you can decide what works best for your business. Whether you want to offer a membership for regular blow waves for 6 months, or a membership for monthly facials, your clients will love being a VIP and you’ll love having a full appointment book!

Unlike a concession card which is paid in full up front, with Salon Pay, you can offer your clients a membership which they can pay in weekly, fortnightly or monthly recurring payments, whatever suits them best! Salon Pay makes it even easier for you and your clients by securely storing credit card details, so payments are taken automatically.

Open your own online store

Salon Pay makes it easy for you to create your own online store to sell memberships, service packages and retail products, processing payments with either Visa, Mastercard or Afterpay.

You can link your online store to your current website or use it on its own. Remember to link to  your Kitomba Online Booking page too, so your clients can easily purchase memberships for services and book their appointments at the same time.

Offer flexible payment options

Give your clients the flexibility to choose how and when they want to pay! Salon Pay makes it easy to process one off payments, set up hair and beauty laybys, plus offer Afterpay at Salon Pay’s guaranteed low rate.

How does Salon Pay work with Kitomba?

First, set up Salon Pay as a payment type in Kitomba. Then use Salon Pay to set up and sell memberships.

When a client redeems their membership, simply confirm that you’ve received payment in Salon Pay before returning to Kitomba to complete the sale, choosing Salon Pay as the payment type. That way your reporting will be correct!

To learn more about how to process Salon Pay payments in Kitomba, visit our support guide.

What does it cost to use Salon Pay?

Kitomba customers receive the Standard Salon Pay package for free – valued at $39 a month! Plus, there are no fees for your clients to use the service. For more information on Salon Pay’s packages and merchant fees, or to receive this promotion, simply contact their helpful team at

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  1. Hi just wanting to check out all about this new package, is it able to show our salon retail to sell online?
    Will the $39 a month be free all the time?
    Is there already salons using this ?
    Kind regards
    Sharon Greene.

  2. Hi. I am a SALON Pay customer and I have been in touch with you already, though still unsure whether this has been fully integrated onto kitoma. Have I or am I missing something? Thanks

    • Hi there,
      We are not currently fully integrated with Salon Pay, however, you can add Salon Pay as a payment type in Kitomba so that all your accounting will match at the end of the day.
      We have also partnered with Salon Pay to provide Kitomba and Salon pay customers with a promotional offer.
      Thanks for getting in touch!

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