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Getting started with Kitomba Loyalty

22 May 2017 by Kitomba

The importance of client retention and loyalty is simple – they ensure your business is successful and profitable. Here’s why:

  • The cost of keeping an existing client is only 10% of the cost of acquiring a new one.
  • Loyal clients are 70% more likely to share your business with others through positive word of mouth.
  • You’ve got a 60-70% chance of successfully up-selling retail products or services to your current clients (compared to a 5-20% chance with new ones).

Kitomba’s Loyalty feature allows your clients to earn Kitomba Dollars when they spend money on your services and retail, and be rewarded for their loyalty.

We’ve made some really cool improvements to Loyalty in Kitomba and Kitomba 1. So if you’re not already using Kitomba Loyalty, here’s how to get started!

Setting up Kitomba Loyalty

Kitomba Loyalty is totally customisable so your loyalty programme is perfect for your business and clients.

To set up your own loyalty programme:

  1. Go to ‘Loyalty’ in the left hand menu in Kitomba.
  2. Turn Loyalty on.
  3. Customise your programme:
    • How your clients earn Kitomba Dollars
    • How your clients redeem their Kitomba Dollars
    • When they can redeem their Dollars
    • The expiry date of Kitomba Dollars

If you need more assistance getting started, check out our support guide.

Keeping up to date with client loyalty

We want to ensure you easily stay in the know when it comes to your client’s loyalty balance. That’s why Loyalty is available in Kitomba and Kitomba 1.

View your client’s loyalty balance and expiry dates in their client card in Kitomba and Kitomba 1. Now you can access this information even when you’re not in the salon or spa.

Reporting on Loyalty

There’s a range of reports you can use in Kitomba and Kitomba 1 to analyse and keep up to date with Loyalty.

Loyalty Statistics in Kitomba

See all the Kitomba Dollars your clients have earned, redeemed and expired. This is best used to get an overall view of your loyalty programme.

Loyalty Balance Report in Kitomba 1

Lets you see client loyalty balances as well as loyalty earned, redeemed and expired, from wherever you are!

Loyalty Details in Kitomba

See which of your clients have Kitomba Loyalty Dollars. Use this report to see which clients you need to sign up or determine who’s most loyal – perhaps you could treat them.

Marketing for Loyalty

Run even more targeted marketing campaigns to your loyal clients. Visit the marketing tab in Kitomba 1, use the loyalty filters and send a campaign to:

  • Let your clients know if their Kitomba Dollars are about to expire
  • Update clients on their Loyalty balance to entice them to book an appointment
  • Inform clients that they’re close to reaching their reward

Remember, it’s important to send specific messages to targeted groups of people. The more relevant your message, the more likely your clients are to read it and act on it. 

Loyalty for your clients

When it comes to loyalty programmes, one of the keys to success is offering your clients something tangible. Being able to visually see their Kitomba Dollars adding up is a great way to continuously show them that they’re being rewarded. It also ensures they’re excited to return as they’ll receive something in return for their loyalty.

Your clients can easily see their loyalty balance and expiry dates in Online Booking! Now when your clients log into Online Booking they’ll be able to:

  • View their loyalty balance
  • See if they have Kitomba Dollars expiring in the next 6 weeks
  • See their appointments, book new ones, upload and view photos plus see your business blurb, opening hours and contact details

So get started with Kitomba Loyalty now and see what it can do to encourage and reward client loyalty and grow your business!

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  1. Can you make this more customisable?
    Example: when a client rebooks after there service I would like to add 100 kitomba dollars on there account automatically after check out?? Would make more sense then doing manually.

    • Hi Shane,

      Unfortunately that functionality currently isn’t possible. Our Loyalty feature works based on invoices, i.e. when products and services are purchased, loyalty is earned.

      If this is something you’d like, we suggest adding a feature request to the Kitomba Community.

      From, The Kitomba team

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