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Five ways to attract top talent

12 May 2022 by Diana Beaufort

What makes you a great employer and your workplace a fantastic place to work? That is the number one question that potential employees will be asking themselves. Take some time to identify your unique culture and what makes you and your team special.

What is your culture?

Culture primarily exists in our minds. It is how we think we should behave, stay safe, fit in and get ahead. Essentially, in a workplace, there are behaviours that work and behaviours that don’t. Culture can be an emotion or feeling, so ask yourself, how does it feel to work in your salon?

Referrals from existing employees

Start with identifying who you need in your business. What level of expertise will they need? What position will they fill?

Then, talk to your current employees. Your team cares about your reputation and your culture, so when they suggest someone for a position, show them that you appreciate it! Think about ways you could incentivise employee referrals, and reward your team for recommending good people

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Great culture attracts top talent 

Your competition is a great place to look for potential candidates, but I am not suggesting that you poach people from others in your industry. However, there may be people who may be dissatisfied with the culture of the workplace they are in and looking for a new opportunity.

It is important for you to focus on making your business a great place to work that attracts top talent. Ideally, you want people to seek you out for a job because they heard about your strong culture and want to be a part of it. 

Use your professional network

With candidates like customers or suppliers, you have an insight into how these people work that you won’t get in an interview. When you are hiring younger people, often, when you know the parents personally, you have a sense of their family values that can help decide whether they fit into the business’s culture.

Getting help from recruitment companies

Some positions are harder to fill than others. Professional recruiters can sometimes save you money in the long term and can be a great way to source talent.

Online platforms and social media

These are a really good way to cast your net wider and appeal to a larger audience. It can be worthwhile to get a professional to write your recruitment ad if using something like Seek or Trade me jobs. It pays to check out the benefits and add on features that are available to support you on the recruitment platforms.

With social channels, like Facebook and Instagram, it’s a good idea to invest in a short video showcasing your team and environment. Get your team to accentuate what they love about working for you. The culture that engages your people revolves around fun, meaning, respect, opportunity, empowerment, and transparency. Share it with your followers by posting team news, updates, and photos

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Diana Beaufort

Diana Beaufort

Diana is the former owner of the award-winning salon Reds Hairdressing. Her salon was known not only for its work but a reputation for exceptional business skills, results, and outstanding training programmes.

After moving out of her salon, her focus has been on helping small business owners achieve greater success through improved clarity, focus, and practical planning. Coaching and mentoring have been a passion for much of the past decade and have helped her achieve the success she has enjoyed.

Diana is an ACC accredited coach having achieved the ICF (Associate Credential Coach) Gold Standard. Her focus is in leadership coaching with a special interest in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology.

She has also won awards for workplace culture, team development, business strategies, and staff training with many satisfied clients from a variety of industries.
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