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5 ways to improve your client experience

9 Sep 2019 by Martin Lazare

In client-focussed industries, such as hair and beauty, client experience is paramount to success. Since loyalty is such an important factor, offering seamless, unique client experiences is one way to stand out from the pack and retain your clients as well as attract new ones.

Here are 5 ways you can improve the client experience at your spa, salon or clinic:

Offer online booking

Some people just don’t like speaking on the phone, and with the technology available in 2019, every salon, spa or clinic should offer an online booking system. As trivial as it sounds, the choice between your salon and a competitor could come down to the fact that one offers the ability to book online and the other doesn’t! 

Give your clients the option to book online, it’s easier for them and it’s easier for you. Check that your software automatically sends a confirmation email once you’ve confirmed their booking so you don’t have to.

Provide information on location and parking

If you’ve just received a booking from a new client and you need to send a confirmation email, make sure to include easy to understand details about your salon’s location and the available parking. While it is pretty simple for your client to find this out on their own, providing them with the information shows that you care about them and want to make their experience with you as seamless and easy as possible.

A small note at the bottom of a confirmation email or end of a phone call with the closest parking and your location is easy and thoughtful.

Have their favourite treat or beverage

If you’ve got regular clients, it only takes a few questions to get to know their preferences for treats or beverages. Then on future visits, you’ll be able to provide them without asking. There’s nothing better than being welcomed with your favourite type of tea or coffee alongside a little treat when you visit your hairdresser or beauty therapist!

Make sure to make a note of anything personal that your clients say so that you can talk to them about it on their next visit. Clients will notice that you remembered and will be more likely to stay loyal to you and your business! 

Turn your space into a sanctuary 

Many people visit a salon, spa or clinic to treat themselves, whether it’s for a new hairstyle, a fancy facial or a relaxing massage. Whatever their reason for visiting you, making sure that everyone feels relaxed, comfortable and serene is important to the atmosphere of your salon and your client’s experience.

Take the time to think about the décor of the waiting area and what will make your clients feel relaxed as soon as they arrive. This might be offering comfortable couches to sit on, beautiful flowers on the table to admire, calming music to listen to and a scented candle to set the mood.

Create a unique loyalty program

Using a loyalty program is a great way to retain clients and add to their experience. Whether you choose to offer a discount on services after a certain number of visits or provide special discounts throughout the year (such as birthday rewards), your clients will value the idea of being rewarded for their loyalty.

Find out how your customers want to be rewarded and create a unique loyalty program to suit their needs. This will help build and foster your relationships with your regular clients.

There you have it – 5 ways to improve your client experience. Have we missed anything that you’re doing at your salon, spa or clinic? Tell us in the comments!

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