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Create a relatable brand with social media

10 Jul 2019 by Martin Lazare

The emergence of new technology over the past couple of decades has turned the entire marketing world upside down. The massive reach now achievable by platforms such as Facebook or Instagram was unheard of, and there never used to be social media influencers helping brands build loyal customers. By leveraging these platforms in digital marketing, businesses have the opportunity to build better relationships with their customers, tell their brand story to the masses and be seen by audiences larger than some small countries.

Yet, many businesses are still under-utilising the power of digital marketing.

You need a strategy

Combining the power of social media influence with the tools created for marketing in the digital space is a recipe for success, but only if you are consistent and committed to managing and monitoring your online presence.

So what does a successful digital marketing strategy look like? For a salon, spa or clinic it could include a consistent presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and a strong business relationship with a beauty influencer or blogger.
It’s important to have a few different components working together in a layered strategy as relying on just one method can be a risky decision. Some businesses put all their eggs in one basket and have only a website without any supporting social media platforms or content updates. What these businesses don’t understand is that social media is a great way to drive people to your website and therefore generate leads, i.e. potential new clients!

For your social media marketing strategy to be successful, you’ll need to be consistent – creating a schedule or social media calendar is a good way to ensure you’re posting regularly.

Some inspiration to get you started

One example of a successful social media marketing strategy starts with seeking the support of social media influencers. This strategy can be an exceptional lead generation tactic because consumers tend to look to these public figures for inspiration and find them to be more authentic than advertising messages from the brand itself.

You could collaborate with an influencer to help promote a new product or treatment by asking them to create content that can be shared by both you and the influencer. This content could be in the form of a social media post on Facebook or Instagram, a dedicated blog post on the influencer’s website or even a vlog uploaded to YouTube detailing their experience. It’s a good idea to set clear expectations for the partnership up front to ensure that each of you gets what you want out of the relationship. Providing the influencer with a discount code to share with their followers is also a great way to track the success of the campaign and provide value to the collaboration!

Giveaways and contests are also a great way to grow your awareness and reach on social media, as well as grow your email marketing list to use for future campaigns. For example, you could offer the chance to win a free service when people sign up for your email list. By enlisting the help of an influencer, you can reach an even wider audience when they share your contest with their followers.

These days, consumers want more from businesses. They don’t want to simply purchase a product or service, they want an entire experience that digital marketing can help you to deliver. They want to foster a relationship with their favourite businesses and feel as though they’re more than just a dollar sign.

Digital marketing is a game changer in how businesses can communicate and relate to their customers, and not using digital strategies is a terrible mistake to make in 2019!

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