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This year, make a plan to work smarter, not harder.

12 Jan 2023 by Kyra Sproule

The new year is here, meaning now is the time to look at your business and set goals for the year to come. Look closely at yourself, your team and your tools to see if you can streamline everything into one well-oiled machine. Here’s how to get started!

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Expanding your team: who when and how to hire

Expanding your salon team: who, when, and how to hire

28 Oct 2020 by Kyra Sproule

Your team is your greatest asset. They serve your clients, they represent your business and they help you achieve your goals. So it’s important that every team member you hire for your salon, spa or clinic is a great fit for your business. 

If you’ve recently had a staff member leave, or you’re finding there’s too much work to go around, you might be looking to add someone new to your team. Hiring a new team member is an exciting opportunity, but if you get it wrong, it can be a huge source of stress for the future. 

So, go about it the right way by following these helpful tips for hiring the best new members of your team – including who to hire, when, and how to find the best person for the job. Continue reading…