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How to create a positive salon culture (5 tips for salon owners)

29 Aug 2019 by Ashlee Laura

Have you ever woken up and thought; I don’t want to go to work today? Or worse – woken up every day thinking this?

Most people who wake up feeling like this every morning will do nothing about it, and even worse, they’ll still go to work. They’ll under-perform, have a bad attitude, or even develop mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. They’ll feel stuck, unappreciated, bored and unhappy. Is this the type of team that you want working for you?

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5 tools that highly successful salons, spas and clinics use

18 Jul 2019 by Ashlee Laura

Do you ever sit back in the evening, scroll through your Instagram feed and think: “How did these salons, spas and clinics become so successful?” Do you look at their following, their engagement, their content, and wonder: “How do they do all this, plus run a successful business, when I’m struggling to keep my head above water?”  Continue reading…

being a great manager

5 essential traits of great managers in the hair and beauty industry

25 Jun 2019 by Ashlee Laura

We have all reported to a manager at some stage in our careers. I bet you can remember more bad managers than good, right? Continue reading…

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Three simple tips to ensure good cash flow in your salon, spa or clinic

22 May 2019 by Ashlee Laura

In the current climate of Instagram and Facebook, we are ALL guilty of wanting everything perfect right NOW. We all want our businesses to be exactly how we picture them in our minds, and sometimes even compare our businesses to others on Instagram and YouTube. We want our shelves overflowing with gorgeous retail, decorated with beautiful furniture and fixtures, and beaming with top-notch IT solutions. Continue reading…