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8 strategies to create a happier and healthier team

16 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

A happy, healthy team can significantly increase performance, lower costs, reduce employee turnover and boost morale. So creating a fantastic work environment that your team can thrive in is important. Here are 8 easy to implement strategies to help boost your salon, spa or clinic’s happiness and health!

1. Drink more water

It’s recommended that you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Drinking plenty of water increases energy and relieves fatigue. It also boosts your immune system and improves your skin complexion.

Here’s a few easy ways to help you and your team increase your water intake:

  • Provide a jug of chilled water in your salon, spa or clinic’s fridge so your team can easily get a refreshing drink during their breaks. Add some lemon or mint to the water to mix things up and add some flavour.
  • Find a place where your team can keep a bottle or glass of water so they can easily keep hydrated throughout the day.

2. Promote healthy food

Healthier staff are generally more motivated at work and are sick less often. Promoting healthy food can have a positive impact on your team and your business.

Here’s some ways to do this in your salon, spa or clinic:

  • Provide snacks for your staff, or start a snack club where each week a staff member is in charge of supplying some healthy options like fruit, nuts or home baking.
  • Talk to your team about healthy alternatives and highlight that reducing your sugar intake can help avoid those mid-afternoon slumps.
  • No matter how busy it is, ensure you and your team have time each day to eat lunch. Skipping your break isn’t a good idea as lunch gives you the energy you need to get through the rest of the day.

3. Take a break

Encourage your staff to use their time between appointments wisely. The benefits of regular breaks include improved effectiveness and an increase in energy to complete tasks.

Here’s some easy ways to ‘take a break’:

  • Do some stretching. In the hair and beauty industries it’s particularly important to focus on your hands, legs and back.
  • If you usually sit down or use a computer a lot, make sure you get up to walk around often and take breaks away from your work space.
  • Change tasks. Take a few minutes to do a different task like checking product inventory or popping out to the bank. A change in task can get you moving and re-energised.

4. Get exercising

Encouraging exercise is a great way to keep your team fit and healthy. Making it a regular part of your workplace can really help get your team on board.

Here’s some ways to get your team moving:

  • Organise a weekly exercise program such as yoga before work, a class at the end of the day or start a netball or football team.
  • Encourage your team to venture outside during their break. They’ll get some fresh air and move around, instead of sitting inside.
  • Make exercising fun with a steps challenge. As a team decide how many steps you’d like to complete each week and celebrate achieving it. A team goal and mentality can give people the motivation they need to prioritise exercise.
  • Create a partnership with a local gym and negotiate a great rate for your team. Making exercise more affordable is a sure way to get them moving.

5. Your workspace

Working in a clean and comfortable workspace can have tremendous effects on your team.

Here are some things you can do to ensure it’s great:

  • Consider your air conditioning and heating. It’s important that the temperature is comfortable not only for you clients but also for your team.
  • Keep it tidy. Working in a clean, organised space creates a nice place to work in, plus it makes doing your job easier when you can easily find what you need or tidy up quickly.
  • Make an effort to provide a nice relaxing atmosphere for your staff. Think about comfortable furniture, suitable equipment and great lighting.
  • Have a nice space where your team can take breaks. Things like comfy seating, magazine, pot plants and even a diffuser can help!

6. Team activities

An important aspect of a happy, healthy work environment is a great team culture.

There are so many ways to create or improve a strong culture, here are a few:

  • Once every month or so organise a dinner, drink or activity for your team. Socialising can lift your spirits and helps build a team bond.
  • Have a team building day. Team building activities not only bring employees closer, it can also help improve communication and productivity.

7. Focus on training

Investing in training, so your team are always learning and growing, is incredibly important when it comes to the happiness of your team. Employees who feel they’re supported and achieving in their jobs are more satisfied, happier and, for your business, are more efficient.

Here are some easy ways to increase your focus on training:

  • Ensure you discuss training as part of your regular performance reviews or staff meetings. If you know what they need, it’s easier to determine the training you can provide.
  • Put time aside for training. Whether you have a product company come in for training, are showing your team how to do something, or have an external trainer visit, putting a regular time aside will motivate you to fill that time with something beneficial for your team.
  • Look at ways to have your staff train each other. Do you have staff who are really good in certain areas? Ask them to share their knowledge and skills during an in-salon training session.

8. Celebrate your successes

Taking the time to celebrate your successes and recognise team achievements can create a positive vibe in a team.

Here’s some ways to ensure you’re celebrating more:

  • Take the time to thank your team. It’s so simple, but can really help them feel appreciated for the work they do for your business.
  • Remember employee milestones. Mentioning someone’s work anniversary or doing something to celebrate their good work can go a long way towards employees feeling positive and happy.
  • Celebrate records. Maybe your rebooking or retail sales are the highest they’ve been this year – do something nice to congratulate your team for doing such an amazing job!

There are so many ways to create a happier, healthier work environment for your team. Try one of these 8 strategies and see how they can benefit your team!

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