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Appointment booking software makes it simple for your salon clients to book at their convenience. With the freedom to make an appointment via your website or Facebook page you’ll never have to worry about missing salon appointment booking calls again.


If you have a website for your beauty, hair, spa or salon business this online appointment booking software will add a dedicated bookings website page where you retain complete control over how much information you make available. Your clients will never see your appointment booking software calendar, but they’ll still be offered the convenience of real time availability for their next visit.

Online Booking talks to your appointment booking software and checks your appointment calendar, staff working hours and time it takes for each service to find the gaps, so there’s no need to list your trading hours. You can control what services are available to be booked online and whether you choose to exclude apprentices or other staff from appointment bookings, simply uncheck the options and they will no longer be available.

We make it easy for clients to book online with the ability to view previous services

search through the menu you have on offer, and suggest a range of available appointments for them to select their preferred option - thanks to your new appointment booking software.

When a client chooses an online booking time it will automatically appear in your appointment booking software calendar for you to either accept the booking or contact the client if you need to make changes or gain further information. You will always retain full control to confirm any online booking, and once confirmed with a click your client will receive an automatic message letting them know their appointment is all go.

Add Online Booking to your Facebook page and power up your social media salon marketing by converting new likes into new clients. And, if you don’t have a website for your business we’ll provide you with a mini-website that lets you choose the look that best matches your business and add your logo to the page.

Online Booking works around the clock to ensure your clients can always make an appointment through the appointment booking software at your business.

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