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Salon Software designed with you in mind.

Developed with industry feedback at every step.

Kitomba Salon Software makes sense for your business.

Intuitive and easy, your team will embrace the simplicity.

Cash, plastic, voucher or rewards - our salon software with Point of Sale manages it all.

Visual thinker or numbers person - Kitomba Salon Software presents the information the way you want to see it.

Make informed decisions and control your success.

We make it our business to help you keep track of yours.

Simple reports for all the hard facts.

Clarify where you stand and where you want your business to be with Kitomba Salon Software reporting.

Don’t let your cash go to waste on the shelves.

Kitomba Salon Software's stock manager identifies trends so you only order what you need, but always have enough.

Take the guesswork out of your roster.

Use appointments and staff performance reports to manage your team with certainty.

Keep your business secure.

Control who has access to every aspect of your business with individual passwords and a record of all activity via Kitomba Salon Software.

Keep it personal in your business.

Your clients will never meet Kitomba, but we’ll always be there.

Take your client experience to a whole new level.

Keep your client records at hand and put them to work with personal automatic marketing.

Kitomba Salon Software makes it easy to welcome new Australian clients, send booking reminders, follow up with lapsed clients and send personal thanks for referrals to your business.

Recognise effort, reward success.

Keep your staff happy, loyal and engaged.

It’s easy with Kitomba Salon Software.

Manage your team on an individual and group level with staff reports. Recognise the stars, see who needs extra training and keep track of it all.

Inspire your team to succeed and your business will grow with them.

People like you love Kitomba Salon Software

20,000 stylists and therapists already love it!

Diana Beaufort, REDS

Winner 2011 Kitomba NZARH Salon of the Year

Grant Bettjeman, Bettjemans

Winner 2008 Global Salon Business Awards

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Unify your sites with central control.

Make all your systems work as one.

Respond to the market.

Seize opportunities, measure results and make changes with the click of a button. From promos to retail sales, you can analyse every aspect of your business at a staff, outlet or group level and adjust your strategy accordingly with our enterprise salon software solution.

Track peformance and identify trends.

Enterprise salon software tracks key performance indicators across the board or you can zoom in to staff level at a specific location. Know your top ten performers, assess training requirements, set incentives and deliver rewards.

Change products, services and pricing across your enterprise.

Create efficiencies in time and money with central control - set up centrally and deliver a consistent brand experience, or tailor for each location and salon software

Protect what’s important.

Stay in touch even when you’re off-site and control privacy with individual password access and tracking reports with enterprise salon software. From read-only through to administration settings it’s easy to share secure information with your mentor, accountant, staff or franchisees.

Deliver local service at every outlet.

Your clients will love the personal touch.

Make memorable service synonymous with your brand.

Manage appointments from each of your Australian locations, like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or operate from anywhere else a contact centre to serve the group and fill empty appointments with outbound telesales.

One central database gives you access to every client’s personal details, service history and even their preferred drink at every location. It’s easy for your team to deliver a friendly and professional experience that keeps clients loyal to your brand.

Keep your finger on the pulse.

Instantly know what’s happening across your enterprise.

See the small details of your large enterprise.

Whether your enterprise is run by a team of one, or many, you have everything you need to know at your fingertips.

Monitor and measure staff reports, marketing campaigns, bookings and revenue. Take care of the business side of your business and let your team take care of the rest.

People like you love Kitomba

20,000 stylists and therapists already love it!

Heath Flint

Linear Hair Group

Ina Bajaj

East Day Spa

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