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5 ways to keep your staff smiling

5 Mar 2015 by Rebecca Field

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”Stephen R. Covey

Everyone is different when it comes to staying motivated and as a spa or beauty therapy owner/manager it’s your job to find out just what makes your staff tick. Rewarding everyone with the same ‘thank you’ won’t always get you the result that you’re looking for. Good pay and benefits will make staff happy but there are lots of other things you need to support it. Having happy, motivated staff means more profit for your business in the long-term!

Here’s 5 ideas you can use to keep your staff motivated and happy.

1. The right tools for the job

Regardless of whether you are running a beauty therapy clinic, spa or hair salon, providing the right tools for your staff is crucial to them being happy in their place of work. Imagine trying to wax a client on a bed that is too high or too low for you, or if there aren’t sufficient clean towels for the day. Or when a machine hasn’t been booked out – yet someone else is using it.  It makes it really difficult for your staff to be at the peak of their performance without the right tools for the job.

2. Sometimes it’s the little things

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your staff feel motivated and valued. Often an acknowledgement in front of other team members is as effective as a movie ticket or a bottle of wine. ‘Thank you’, for a job well done is a powerful motivator.

3. Keep staff trained and always learning

If you want your staff to perform consistently and in a way that is acceptable to you as the clinic owner then regular and relevant training is the way to go. Plus, your staff will stay motivated! Don’t think that just because they went off for a day to learn about ‘X’ skin care range that they are now a fountain of all knowledge. Give them refreshers in the clinic and keep them up to date with what new products are being launched etc. Book out one hour a month for regular training updates.

4. Attitude is the key!

Yours and theirs – it’s important. Use your wisdom and experience to create a positive environment. Random acts of kindness make for a happy workplace; staff will be happy, productivity will be higher, clients will be happy = you will make more profit! If you do need to take a staff member aside to address a problem, do so with care and respect and retrain where you can.

5. Systems – Employee handbook

Have good systems in place so that employees understand how your business operates. Have a handbook that outlines the dress code, how to answer the phone, how to lock up at night etc. They then have a reference point and you have started to create your happy work place environment.

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