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We often get asked why Kitomba is called Kitomba… The word itself doesn’t actually mean anything to be quite honest – that’s what we like about it. But if you break it right down, ‘Kit’ is the technology, tools, equipment and service to help our customers successfully run their business every day. And apparently ‘Omba’ is the goddess of wisdom and new beginnings, which describes our customers pretty well, we think!



Our customers, people, products and growth caught the attention of Jonas Software (ranked in the top 100 software companies in the world) and in September we decided to join their group. This is great news for everyone as it means we'll benefit from their experience as we continue to innovate and support you under our much loved Kitomba brand.

Kitomba support team 



Kitomba turns 10! With big plans and exciting times ahead, we hope you’ll join us for the ride.



A milestone year for Kitomba: we hit 1,000 customers across New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

kitomba 1000 



By now we serviced around half of all New Zealand salons and spas so we decided it was time to expand internationally. It was an exciting moment when our first UK customer came onboard.



Many fun times were had in the botanic gardens and still we grew, this time into a bigger space at the same location. Phew.

kitomba office outdoors 



This was the year Kitomba’s first employee skateboarded into the company and decided to ‘secretly’ build a game in Kitomba (you can still play the game today).

 kitomba old office image



In his bedroom, Tom Murphy, a budding entrepreneur and engineer by training, founded a company called Magic Pulse, which started out providing a text message service to salons and spas. The bedroom didn’t last and Tom soon moved to a small office in the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

kitomba first office house



Al Quinn, is appointed as Kitomba’s new Chief Executive Officer in June. Al succeeded the founding CEO Tom Murphy, who departed after 15 years at Kitomba.
Having previously worked in every area of the Kitomba business, Al started the CEO role with a thorough understanding of the company and a strong appreciation of its customers.

Al Quinn Timeline 



In May we moved into a much larger space, complete with table tennis, a 'proper' kitchen, floor to ceiling windows and great coffee to keep the creative juices flowing.

new office tabletennis couches 



Our first North American customer came onboard, our support team grew to fifteen, we launched Kitomba One and we drank our forty-thousandth cup of coffee.

kitomba office coffee plunger



We moved to a bigger space with a wicked view over Wellington harbour. We also expanded into Australia and were recognised again by Deloitte for our impressive growth.

kitomba old building view 



This was the year we were first recognised by Deloitte as the 24th Fastest Growing New Zealand Company.

kitomba awards



The company and the team grew, as did
our reputation in the industry. Our little
office was bursting at the seams and we were out of space for desks, so the broom
cupboard it was for one lucky person!
Even luckier when we took the doors off…

 kitomba old office seaview



About 14 months later, Al Quinn,
an adventure sports fanatic, ex-cycle
courier and talented software maestro,
decided to join Tom at Magic Pulse.
Tom and Al quickly saw the industry needed
more than just a text message service
and started developing a product they
called ‘Kitomba’, a full salon and spa
management system.

kitomba founders

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