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Stevie English
Stevie English Hair

We can give our staff a goal to work towards and the tools to get there with Kitomba One Enterprise. That's where the sweet spot is and as a business owner that's how we grow. At the minute I've got two salons but with the help of Kitomba... who knows! It's a powerful tool.

Justin Pace & Dmitri Papas
Papa's and Pace

Kitomba tells us where our business stands. We can easily identify performance strengths, key areas to work on and our team really ‘get’ (and are motivated by) the visual breakdown.

Marcello Gueressi
Biba Moonee Ponds

Prior to Kitomba there was no recording, you went off gut feeling. You might know your figures but you didn't know exactly what areas you needed to pick up. There is just so much more information having Kitomba.

Dr Joseph Hkeik
All Saints Cosmedical Clinic

Before I had Kitomba we were able to create reports, but not everything that I was after. Although we were able to create them it took a lot longer, so we were wasting a lot of time and energy trying to collect the information. Now it’s with the click of a button. I can save so much money, I can save so much time and it’s very accurate.

Anna Miller
Linear Hair Group

We use Kitomba enterprise. It’s amazing for me, it’s a huge time-saver because I’m able to manage both the stores, even if I’m at home or whether I’m in one shop and need to look at what’s going on for my tomorrow down at the other store.

Denise Maxwell
Gosh Hair

The thing that I probably love the most in Kitomba is that it helps me to reward my team for a job well done. So instead of looking at things to improve all the time, focusing on the things that we are doing really well.

Clive Allwright
Our Place Salon

Kitomba allows us to utilise our time a lot more effectively and our accountant can access our business profile 24/7.

Sari Wotawa
Joh Bailey Myer Sydney

At every level, Kitomba exceeds my expectations - security, support, anywhere access and more. So much to offer in one, easy package.

Ina Bajaj
East Day Spa Group

Our preferred provider for an impressive 10 years, Kitomba delivers what we need to analyse our performance, grow our business and provide our clients with a seamless customer experience. Support, upgrades and data back-ups make Kitomba even better.

Heath Flint
Linear Hair Group

Free upgrades and helpdesk support means we have the most current software and know how to use it at all times, which in turn enables us to grow our business.

Victoria Fox
Miss Fox

Kitomba has been a dream for our reception—booking and rebooking is intuitive, and SMS reminders have saved us hours each day (plus the customers love it!). Kitomba One allow our staff can check their rosters and appointments from home so they can plan for the day ahead. A fantastic, affordable and ever-evolving system!

Kelly Bryant
Color Me Happy Hair Skin Body

Kitomba’s marketing is a really cost-effective and easy way of connecting with clients on an ongoing basis. We’ve set it up to automatically send out messages to clients on their birthdays and other special occasions.

Michael Belcastro
Belcastro Hair

Smart business tools and real results. That's Kitomba. We recently added Kitomba's Online Booking to our website and Facebook page and it increased our new client bookings by 15%.

Jan Broadbent
Hey Gorgeous Hair Studio

We have been using Kitomba now for one year and our salon is more streamlined and efficient in stock control, bookings, (we and our clients love the online booking system!), accounting, even our consultations have improved and our retail sales have grown since using the reporting system.

Tara Angelone
Eclipse Massage & Beauty

I love all the training available and find the reporting function extremely useful and important to all my planning and staff training. I’m a very happy Kitomba user!

Tony & Neil
Shockwaves Hair Design

There are many fantastic features in Kitomba such as automatic appointment reminders, online bookings and benchmarking that save time, improve efficiency and give us an incredible insight into our salon performance and where we sit in our industry.

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