Marketing your salon, spa or clinic has never been easier

Our comprehensive suite of powerful marketing tools has everything you need to automate, streamline, and maximise your marketing efforts, ensuring a steady flow of clients and a thriving business.

With Kitomba's marketing automation, campaign marketing, and appointment reminders, you'll be able to effortlessly engage with your existing clients and attract new ones.

Our seamless integrations with industry expert solutions like Mailchimp and allow you to send personalised messages by SMS and email that leave a lasting impression on your client and ensure your appointment book stays filled.

Here’s why you’ll love using Kitomba’s marketing features

  • Keep in touch with your clients and keep them coming back.
  • Fully customisable SMS and email appointment reminders.
  • Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.
  • Powerful ‘set and forget’ automated marketing tools.
  • Easily create highly personalised marketing lists.
  • Mailchimp email marketing integration.
  • Use the power of artificial intelligence to fill your appointment book with our integration.


"The marketing tools in Kitomba help me so much. We track what promotions and discounts we use in the system to segment our client base and create lists of people that we can market to. We also use Everyday Marketing in Kitomba; staying connected with our clients with automated messages for happy birthday emails, new client feedback etc. It really helps us deliver the best client experience."

- Amy Carswell, Hillcrest Hair Design.

Kitomba Everyday Marketing

Automate your marketing using our Everyday Marketing tool to save time, retain your clients, reduce no-shows and keep your appointment book full.

You can automate both SMS and email marketing messages to stay in touch with your clients and keep them coming back.


Send automated messages

With Kitomba Everyday Marketing, you can create and send personalised SMS and email messages automatically.

Some of the most popular automated marketing messages you can set up include:


Appointment Book

Appointment reminders

Don't let your clients forget their appointment by sending a friendly reminder by SMS or email a day or two before their appointment.
Online Booking

Happy Birthday wishes

Never miss a client’s birthday by sending them a special message with a discount code to increase their loyalty and encourage them to treat themselves.
Client Cards

Welcome new clients

Thank new clients for visiting and encourage them to return (maybe with a special offer to entice them back).
Online Booking

Say thanks for referring a friend

Automatically thank your loyal clients for spreading the good word!
Online Booking

Product replacement prompts

Prompt clients to replace a specific product when they’re next due. They’ll appreciate the reminder!
Online Booking

Touch-up reminders

For services that require touch-ups after a specific period of time, remind your clients to book so they can maintain the best results.


Reduce no-shows and late cancellations

No-shows and last-minute cancellations are a salon owner's worst nightmare. With Kitomba Salon and Spa Software, you can customise your appointment reminders to suit your individual business by choosing what time and how many days before their appointment you want them to be sent out.

You can also fully customise the text on your reminders, so your clients get a personalised message tailored to their appointment that sounds like your brand.



Harness the power of artificial intelligence

Our exclusive integration with in Australia and New Zealand enables Kitomba customers with Online Booking to use the power of artificial intelligence to fill gaps and last-minute cancellations in your appointment book, automatically.

Work smarter, not harder, and let AI do all the heavy lifting with your client communications to help you keep your appointment book full.

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why choose Kitomba targets video

"With Kitomba, the feature that helps us provide a great customer experience is the everyday texts and emails we can utilise with Kitomba Everyday Marketing campaigns. All of our clients expect a reminder text or email now, the everyday marketing set and forget communications of Kitomba is brilliant."

- Janine Simons, owner of MANE Salon, Wellington, New Zealand

Free eBook: Automatic marketing guide for salons, spas and clinics

Do you want to save time on marketing, while engaging with your clients in meaningful and personalised ways?

Our free guide to automatic marketing for salons, spas and clinics includes:

  • 11 automatic marketing ideas proven to get results
  • Ready-to-use email and SMS templates
  • Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.
  • Tips for building and managing your contact list
  • Checklists for sending automated emails and SMS
  • Instructions on how to track and measure your success

Download your free guide and start automating messages today!


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Campaign Marketing

Send one-off SMS and email marketing campaigns to quickly fill your appointment book and boost your revenue using Kitomba’s Campaign Marketing feature.


Boost your revenue with targeted marketing campaigns

Send a one-off text campaign

If you want to fill your appointment book or promote a new service or product sending an SMS campaign is one of the most efficient tools to use. You can create and send an SMS campaign in minutes, using any device.

Send an email marketing campaign

Send marketing messages to multiple contacts at once using email marketing. You can create specific contact lists by segmenting your client base so you can send messages tailored to your indivdual clients needs.

Add discounts to your marketing campaigns

Easily set dollar or percentage discounts, specify an end date or run them indefinitely. View your promotions and discounts report to see how many times it was redeemed, and the total discount value.


Easily create powerful marketing lists

With Kitomba Reports, you can create marketing lists that allow you to get highly targeted with your marketing campaigns.

You can easily create marketing lists to market to, including:

  • Clients who haven’t booked in the last three months so you can send them a special offer to entice them back.
  • Clients who have purchased a specific brand of product that you are having a sale on or have new releases for, so they can stock up.
  • Clients who had a specific service such as a facial in the last six months so you can promote your new facial to them.

And so much more!

Vivo Lynden Mason testimonial Kitomba reports

”I use Kitomba's automated marketing tools to help me run my salons more efficiently and effectively. I love that I can set up targeted marketing campaigns to go out automatically, so I can generate bookings while I sleep!”

- Laura Smyth, Lush Skin and Body

targets software for hair and beauty

Create your own marketing emails


Kmail email template builder

Kmail is Kitomba’s very own template builder. Create custom-designed emails using HTML that can be copied into Kmail, so you can send out branded emails with our campaign marketing tool.

When you use a Kmail template, you can track and analyse the success of your campaign using Kmail reporting, which has easy-to-understand graphs and all the key performance metrics you need.



Mailchimp integration

If you like using Mailchimp to send marketing emails to your clients, our integration makes this easy. You can use Kitomba 1’s client list feature to filter and segment your clients into groups, and then send those details over to Mailchimp’s system to achieve the best possible results.


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Vivo Lynden Mason testimonial Kitomba reports

"We use the Kitomba Kmail feature in K1 to market to our client database. We use the in-built Mailchimp integration to send our weekly studio updates to our clients. This is a really useful feature that some salons overlook, but there’s a lot of value in reaching out to both your existing clients and those clients you may have not seen for a while with an enticing offer."

– Stevee Devonda, Iron + Ivy Hair & Beauty

Get bookings in your sleep

Continue to fill your appointment book outside of your business hours by harnessing the power of Kitomba Online Booking, and convert followers into clients with our Facebook and Instagram Book Now integrations.


Online Booking

Kitomba Online Booking is fully customisable and so are our online voucher sales and digital forms. By allowing clients to book appointments online from anywhere at any time, you open the doors to a broader client base, increasing your business's reach and revenue.

Vivo Lynden Mason testimonial Kitomba reports

Kitomba’s online booking system has made it easy for our clients to see the availability of appointments without needing to call or spend time emailing, which in turn helps the salon become more efficient.

-Jacob Faour, EdwardsAndCo


Facebook and Instagram ‘Book Now’ buttons

The "Book Now" button on Facebook and Instagram seamlessly integrated with Kitomba's online booking system to simplify appointment booking for your clients, reach more people, and make your salon, spa or clinic more efficient.

Learn how to add the Book Now button here.

Social media tips

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