Fill your appointment book automatically and improve your online reputation by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Kitomba has exclusively partnered with to help automate your client communications and fill your appointment book by sending personalised text and email messages automatically.


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With, you can:

  • Save time by using artificial intelligence to fill your appointment book automatically.
  • Automate your client feedback process and get more Google reviews with Reputation AI.
  • Reduce loss of revenue from late cancellations or gaps in your appointment book.
  • Maintain full control over your appointment book by approving all bookings first.
  • Improve client retention through automated rebooking and nurture campaigns.
  • Gain full transparency over your automated campaigns in your dashboard.
  • Sign up for an account and you’ll be up and running within 3-5 business days.
  • Try it free for 30 days. Cancel anytime with no contracts or commitment periods.

Staff benefits


Increase your bookings and revenue

Empty space on your appointment book represents a missed opportunity to earn revenue for your business. will identify gaps and match up the best suited clients to fill those appointments, sending them personalised messages to book online.

Nuture and Rebooking campaigns

With Nurture and Rebooking campaigns, you won't have to worry about contacting a client to rebook again. The Nurture campaign will email clients who haven’t visited in a while and don’t have a future appointment and invite them to book. The Rebooking campaign contacts clients who have recently had an appointment but didn’t rebook their next one within 24 hours.
Work smarter with full

Work smarter with full control acts like a digital receptionist for your business. You’ll maintain full control over your appointment book by approving all bookings, and you’ll have full transparency over campaigns in your dashboard, including details of all messages sent, how many were opened, booked, and the revenue created.
Part payment provider

Minimal set-up required

All you need to do is tell us you are interested in trying by filling out the application form below, and our team will prepare your specialised business token to register with Once that’s complete, will start filling gaps in your appointment book within 24 hours. There’s no contract or commitment period; you can cancel at any time.
Integrated payments

Get glowing reviews with Reputation AI

Reputation AI is an optional feature that helps you enhance your online reputation by asking your return clients for feedback after their appointment. If the review is positive (4-5 stars) they’ll be invited to leave a review on Google. Negative reviews (3 stars or less) will be prompted to contact your team, and you’ll be notified of all reviews so you can contact clients directly.

Save time spent contacting clients

Time is money in our industry. will help to give you and your staff an average of 14 hours back per week* by automatically and intelligently managing communication with your clients to help keep your appointment book full, including rebooking/pre-book messages, last-minute appointment availability, nurture campaigns for retention, and review requests

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online booking for hair and beauty features: Appointment AI campaigns sends a range of messages to intelligently engage with your clients at the right time, including last-minute appointments, rebooking, and nurturing campaigns.


Time Recommendation campaign

The Time Recommendation campaign is sent by both email and SMS, and messages clients who are becoming due for an appointment and haven’t booked, or are past due for their appointment based on their 12-month client history. will identify gaps in your appointment book, both last-minute availability as well as future availability, and send messages to clients from your database who best fit the available slot, including provider preference, provider availability, client time slot preference, and service type. will look at up to 12 months of your client history to find the best matches.

The message includes the client’s name, your business name and branding, and informs the client about the appointment time and date available – inviting them to book directly through your Kitomba Online Booking site, and providing your booking link to make it easy.

These messages produce the highest conversion rates, and are focused on ensuring that your clients maintain their usual patterns and that your appointment book is filled.


Rebooking campaign (Prebook)

If a client has recently been in for an appointment but didn’t rebook their next one within 24 hours, will send them a message on your behalf (by email or SMS) with your branding to thank them for coming in and reminding them to book their next appointment, with a link to your Kitomba Online Booking site. will intelligently engage these clients on your behalf so you don’t need to, which saves your team time and secures future revenue.


Nurture campaign

The aim of the Nurture email campaign is to improve your client retention and turn your clients into regulars by inviting them to book more frequently.

When you sign up to, your client database who are opted in for email marketing promotions will receive a Nurture campaign email with your business’s branding and logo to let them know they can start booking through these types of messages, inviting them to see what availability you have, with a link to your online booking site.

Then, your clients who visit less frequently and don’t have a future appointment booked will receive a nurture email approximately every 20 days saying; “Hey NAME, see what we have available this week! Book now.”

Based on their engagement, will determine whether to message them again and how frequently. If they don’t open five nurture emails in a row, will stop messaging them altogether.

How does Appointment AI work?

Appointment Book continuously scans your appointment book to look for any openings and last-minute cancellations for your bookable staff members. When a gap is identified, will look at your client database to see who is the best fit based on their history.

Appointment Book

Once clients are identified who match the criteria for the time and staff member available (and they don’t already have a future booking), will send them an email or SMS informing them about the available appointment with a link to your online booking site.

Online Booking

Once the client books through your Kitomba Online Booking site it will show in your appointment book as usual, and you can accept or make changes to the appointment.


You'll be able to see all the messages that have been sent to your clients at any time, including how many were opened, booked and the revenue gained, using your dashboard.


Important to note: will never send your clients more than one message within a month. Messages are sent sparingly to the closest matches to ensure the best results. features: Reputation AI

Get more online reviews with Reputation AI

Reputation AI helps you to maintain a great reputation online by getting more Google reviews – improving your SEO and attracting new clients, all while meeting Google’s terms of service.

Included in all packages, when this feature is enabled in your dashboard automated emails will be sent to your regular returning clients immediately after their appointment asking them to rate their experience out of five and provide feedback.

Client feedback is sent to your team by email to respond to, and if their review is positive (4-5 stars), they will be asked to publish their review on Google. If their review is 3 stars or less, they will be invited to contact you privately to address their concerns, or leave a review on Google, giving you the opportunity to address negative feedback privately.

Why use Reputation AI?

  • Get glowing reviews on Google
  • Automate your client feedback process
  • Invite your loyal clients to leave a review after their appointment
  • Improve your Google SEO rankings
  • Attract, and appeal to, new clients online
  • Learn what your clients love about your business
  • Have the opportunity to quickly resolve client complaints
  • Find areas to improve in your business

online booking for hair and beauty

How does Reputation AI work?


Enable Reputation AI in your dashboard

Reputation AI is included in every package but is an optional feature. You can turn on Reputation AI in your dashboard in minutes.


Link your Google Business Profile

You will be invited to add your business name to the Google search map to link your Google Business Profile. You must have ownership of your Google Business Profile first.


Reputation AI will automatically email your loyal clients

Once enabled, Reputation AI will send automated emails to your return clients immediately after their appointments, inviting them to rate your business out of 5 stars and leave feedback.


Negative feedback is flagged with your team

If the client’s rating is 1-3 stars, you’ll receive an email to let you know, giving you the opportunity to get in touch with them quickly to try and rectify the situation before they publish a negative review online. The client will be asked if they would like to contact you privately to address their concerns or leave a public review.


Positive reviews will be invited to publish on Google

If the rating is 4-5 stars, you will also receive a notification so you can say thanks, and the client will be invited to leave their glowing review on Google.

What does it cost? offers a range of tiered packages to suit your business’s needs. Pay a rolling monthly subscription fee with no fixed contracts or cancellation fees. Cancel any time.

Tier 1 Core

Tier 2 Essentials

Tier 3 50+

Tier 4 Custom

Email only: Appointment AI: fill last minute appts, rebooking and lead nurture campaigns. Reputation AI Google reviews.

Email and SMS/text messages: Appointment AI: fill last minute appts, rebooking and lead nurture campaigns. Reputation AI Google reviews.

Suited for single locations with 50+ bookable staff members. Includes all Essentials package features, SMS and email.

Suited for enterprise customers. Includes all Essentials package features SMS and email. Also includes multi-location reporting and controls.

$260 per month

Coming soon

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How do I get started?

All you need to do is sign up for a account here and our team will be in touch to help you get set up within 3-5 business days. You must be a Kitomba Diamond customer with Online Booking to use this integration.


How can I get the most from my 30-day free trial? works well for salons, spas and clinics that meet the following criteria. To ensure you get the best from your trial, we recommend you take these steps first:

  • Check your client statistics report in Kitomba to ensure the majority of your clients accept promotions, not just appointment reminders, and to ensure you have client email addresses to market to.
  • Check you have ownership of your Google Business Profile(if you’d like to also try the automatic Google review feature, Reputation AI).

Once you’ve checked the items above and would like to proceed with your free 30-day trial of, sign up here.

Have questions? Book a demo with here.

Who can use this integration?

If you’re on our Diamond package with Online Booking you can get started straight away by signing up for your free 30-day trial here.

If you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time through your account. There are no fixed contracts or commitment periods. If you’re a Diamond customer but you’re not set up for Online Booking, view our step-by-step guide to learn how. If you’re not a Diamond customer and you’d like to try you can do so by upgrading to Diamond free for 30 days here.


Can I customise the messages sent through email and SMS messages are automatically customised with your branding which you upload during the onboarding process. However, changes cannot be made to the message copy. This is because has tested thousands of versions of copy to see which generates the best results, and this is what is used for communications.


When does billing for begin?

Billing is monthly, and will prorate the first month of billing immediately after your 30-day free trial. If you do not want to continue with, ensure you end your subscription with plenty of time before the end of your trial or the calendar month. This will ensure you aren't charged for the next month as there are no refunds.


How do I cancel

To cancel your trial/subscription visit your dashboard. Login to your account, visit the ‘Business Settings Page’, and select the “Cancel Subscription” button at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to follow the steps to cancel your account. The communications will stop sending instantly, and so will your subscription. You can reactivate your account easily if you choose to.


Can I book a free demo of

Yes, you can book a demo with here. For customer support queries, email, and for sales-related questions email

Reputation AI FAQ

How will reviews be displayed in my dashboard?

In your Reputation AI dashboard you'll see what review requests have been sent, to who, and when they saw the requests and left a review. You will see the star rating and the comments provided.

Your existing Google reviews will be pulled into your dashboard so you have a single place with all your reviews. The ‘respond’ button will take you to your Google Business Profile review account so you can respond to reviews publicly.

Where are the reviews published?

Reputation AI invites clients to publish positive reviews on Google. However, this feature will soon be available for Facebook reviews, too.


Why does Reputation AI only send to returning clients?

Review requests will only be sent to your return clients automatically because your returning clients are more likely to provide positive reviews than first-time or irregular clients.


Will Reputation AI prevent all negative reviews from being posted publicly?

Reputation AI cannot prevent clients from publishing negative reviews about your business on Google because this goes against Google’s terms of service and can result in your Google Business Profile being penalised.

However, Reputation AI provides the opportunity for you to address negative feedback before it’s published by asking the client if they’d like to get in touch with you to address their concerns privately or leave a public review.

If you receive a negative review online, we recommend addressing the review as quickly as possible and getting in touch with the client directly.


Is there a generic link for Reputation AI that I can use for all my reviews?

Not currently, but this feature may be available in the future.


Are Reputation AI review messages sent by both SMS and email?

No, Reputation AI review invitations are currently sent by email only.

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