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James Carlisle
Director – Vivo Hair & Beauty

We consider Kitomba our partners in business. The system is easy to use and the team really listens to our business needs. We wouldn’t consider any other provider.

Lucy Vincent-Marr
Stephen Marr Salons

Thank you Kitomba for everything you’re doing for us. Believe me, it never goes un-noticed by our team. You Kitomba guys are brilliant!

Ina Bajaj
East Day Spa Group

Our preferred provider for an impressive 10 years, Kitomba delivers what we need to analyse our performance, grow our business and provide our clients with a seamless customer experience. Support, upgrades and data back-ups make Kitomba even better.

Belinda Robb
Biba, Auckland

Benchmark is a truly innovative business tool. It enables us to monitor the results that drive bottom line profitability on a daily basis as well as benchmarking ourselves against other salons, which is both motivating and inspiring. It’s like having a business coach with you 24/7.

Jennifer Morgan

Giving my accountant access to my live sales reports on Kitomba One has made us more efficient and added real value to the running of my business. Our accountant has access not only to the day-to-day business but also can see the Future Value of bookings which allows much more effective cash-flow management

Grant Bettjeman
Bettjemans, Winner Kitomba NZARH Salon of the Year 2010

Kitomba has revolutionised our business – superb back-up service, regular training and frequent upgrades, we’ve never had our finger so firmly on the pulse of our business. Kitomba gives your business eyes.

Diana Beaufort
Reds Hairdressing, Winner Kitomba NZARH Salon of the Year 2011

Our team are all visual learners and graphs and stars make more sense than figures. We can monitor our results immediately... It’s great for the whole team to see how the salon is performing. Thanks Kitomba!

Julianne Higham
Rox Hairdressing

I could not live without Kitomba now; it makes my business so much more efficient. I own and operate a boutique salon and I work full-time on the floor. I couldn’t possibly have time to work out everything Kitomba does for me.

Kristal Sargent
La Villa Hair & Beauty, Winner Kitomba NZARH NZ Salon of the Year 2014

The convenience of having all of my client records and data in one secure place is invaluable, and text messages and emails being automatically sent out to clients, has saved us thousands in avoiding no-shows and forgotten appointments.

Michael Belcastro
Belcastro Hair

Smart business tools and real results. That's Kitomba. We recently added Kitomba's Online Booking to our website and Facebook page and it increased our new client bookings by 15%.

Amber Gill
Glory Hair Salon

Using Kitomba is a huge time saver for us. Everything we need is in the same place. Colour histories, payments, retail sold, appointment book. The list goes ON! We are 100% reliant on Kitomba! It has helped our business boom.

Stuart Macmillan
Rodney Wayne & Shampoo 'n' Things Albany

Having Kitomba One gives me the flexibility to see my Kitomba from anywhere so I can always see how the day is going. It’s like having my office with me. It’s always being upgraded too so the functionality gets better and better.

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