Our support starts before you even get Kitomba - we tailor your Kitomba system to match how you like to run your business.

What this means is we make sure your Kitomba has everything loaded before our trainer arrives. When we say everything we mean your Salon and staff details, service details (including prices and time taken), product details (made available from your supplier), pre-prepared Marketing Messages (templates), Appointment and general use text and email Messages (templates) all ready to use. When you first turn on Kitomba our trainers focus is on your learning and education (not setting up and configuring).  And of course our trainer comes to you, to train you and your team.

Ongoing Support

With our unlimited free phone support if you ever have a question we’re always here to help. We pride ourselves in providing you support and service that is second to none.  All Kitomba clients enjoy unlimited toll free Help Desk support from our great Help Desk team.  Plus, if you want our Helpdesk team can ‘drive’ your mouse and computer like they are sitting right next to you.

It makes it so easy to show you how to “do it” and get things done quickly and easily. With Kitomba you can just sit back while we walk you through the answer right in front of your eyes – we’ll access your computer from our place while you sit back and watch on screen. So, if you’re struggling with marketing material, or can’t work out how to do commissions, the answer is just a phone call away. They key thing is our team is here to help you with the small and big questions. As you try and do more, we’re here to help you – we’re only a phone call away.

If you like to write it down, our Helpdesk team can also provide support via email.

Training & Education

Regular online training opportunities mean you and your staff have lots of chances to learn and ask questions in safe, tutorial- type environments. Plus our library of online tools mean you always have access to mini-guides, user manuals and training videos.

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