Kitomba has a super simple use to a staff management system.

Salon and spa businesses often have staff across a range of skill levels and their wage rates reflect this. Our salon appointment software increases the clarity of staff management for all involved. It lets you set groups for both charge rates and the time it takes for each person to complete each service. Set seniority levels and let our salon programs automatically calculate wages, commission and incentives based on sales and services for every team member.

Make up rules for your commission rates and know that everything will be added up like magic on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You can choose to set targets before a commission kicks in, and whether the rewards are offered as a percentage of each person’s turnover or as a set dollar value.

The staff function has the ability to handle your rotating roster and mark out available hours in your salon appointment books, it even let’s you easily review and manage staff leave. By linking with your salon booking system it’s easy to see whether your staff levels are right for the weeks ahead and make any changes you need to manage costs and deliver excellent service.

Combine the staff feature with reports and star clients to give focus to your team meetings and individual staff appraisals.

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