You're provided with a complete range of powerful and useful reports.

Kitomba salon software program gives you the ability to view reports on every aspect of your business. All of our reports can be run for a day, week, month, year or you can customise the reporting period. The comprehensive range of reports mean you’ll always have the information you need to know exactly where your salon and spa business stands.

The Business Summary is our MVP of reporting and delivers most of the key information required to manage your business. With statistics on sales, services and retail, client spend and staff performance, new clients and rebooking rates, appointment status and upcoming bookings, you can view everything across your business or for each individual.

The Staff Utilisation report lets you see how efficiently your team are using their time. View by individual or across your staff group and clearly see how much time is spent with billable client appointments, carrying out paid tasks such as cleaning or staff meetings, and how much downtime is unaccounted for.

Review the Sales Analysis for each staff member and use the information to motivate your team and manage your staff appraisals. See Wage and Commision rates over any time period and remove the risk of error in your calculations.

Clients, stock, sales and security - if there’s an element of your business you want to understand our software will report on it

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