Kitomba makes it so easy to send appointment reminders and receive client confirmations.

Kitomba is the salon program of all salon programs for making it easy to keep in touch with your clients. With a great range of message templates you can email and SMS your clients automatically, or send direct messages for a specific campaign such as promoting online salon booking. Every client chooses their preferred contact method and receives messages from you in a way that suits them.

Create personalised messages to welcome new clients or send a reminder for all appointments and relax - the two-way message system automatically confirms the appointment status in your calendar or notifies of the need to rebook without tying your team to the phone.

Send rebooking reminders to let clients know it’s time for another visit and run reports to reduce the occurrence of lapsed clients. Set an automated “Happy Birthday” message once and make every client feel special, or thank your regulars for referring people to your business. Run reports to target a specific group of clients and send promotions, or follow up after a visit with suggestions for ongoing care and products.

Our pre-worded templates make every message personal, and our free-form options let you customise every communication to reflect the flavour of your business. And, if you want to get real fancy take a look at Kmail and Designer Email Marketing - a unique branded marketing product that puts our designers at your disposal.

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