Online booking software for salons, spas and clinics

Receive bookings while you sleep and maintain complete control of your appointment book with powerful online booking designed specifically for the hair and beauty industry.

Why choose Kitomba Online Booking?

With Kitomba Online Booking, you can:

  • Take bookings online 24/7 and fill your appointment book
  • Give your clients the flexibility to book when it suits them
  • Have full control over accepting or editing bookings
  • Customise your online booking site to fit your brand
  • Allow your clients to book an appointment directly from Facebook or Instagram
  • Specify staff availability and capability
  • Sell online vouchers and link to your online store
  • Easily promote your online booking on your website, social media, email and SMS.

Hear what Puravida Beauty Salon Owner Sherri-Lee Scholtz has to say about Kitomba Online Booking:

why choose Kitomba Online Booking video

"If it wasn't for Kitomba's Online Booking system I would've gone under the first year. 90% of our sales come from Online Booking if they haven't been rebooked. It gave me a receptionist without having to pay for a receptionist. Honestly I wouldn't be able to live without Online Booking."

- Sherri-Lee Scholtz, Puravida

powerful online booking for the hair and beauty industry

Powerful online appointment booking for the hair and beauty industry

Take bookings online 24/7

Keep your salon, spa or clinic open for bookings 24/7 with powerful, customisable online appointment booking that integrates seamlessly with your appointment book.

Set staff hours, capabilities, services and packages and remain in full control by approving, amending or rejecting pending bookings before they’re confirmed.

Never miss a booking

Don’t miss out on bookings or clients because you couldn’t answer the phone or your emails fast enough. Our data shows that 50% of online bookings are made outside of standard business hours, which means people want the freedom to book in their own time. Let your clients book online at any time with your unique booking portal. It can be added to your website and Google My Business listing. You can also add Book Now buttons, powered by Kitomba Online Booking, to your Facebook and Instagram.

Manage bookings on the go

Kitomba 1 gives you and your team access to the key features you may need on-the-go, from anywhere, at any time. Kitomba 1 is available via any web browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet so you can manage bookings wherever you are.

Automatic notifications and appointment reminders

You’ll be notified automatically when a client books online, and Kitomba will also automatically let your client know you’ve received and confirmed their booking so you don’t have to.

Reduce no-shows and cancellations by setting up reminder texts or emails to be sent to your clients automatically before their appointment. Clients can choose to add their appointment directly to their personal calendar by clicking a link when they receive their appointment confirmation.

Client loyalty programme integration

We all want loyal clients, and having a loyalty programme is a must. Just as important is your clients being able to see how close they are to receiving their reward. With Kitomba Online Booking, clients can check their loyalty balance when they book a new appointment online.

Take online deposits and payments

Kitomba Online Booking functionality enables you to take online payments at the time of booking, which is proven to reduce no-shows and cancellations. You can either take full payment or a deposit amount of your choosing, either a fixed amount or percentage, to secure the booking.

Find out why you should take deposits for online bookings and learn how to get started with Kitomba Online Booking Deposits.

online booking for hair and beauty

Personalise your online booking site

Customise your site to fit your brand

You can easily customise your Kitomba Online Booking platform with your own logo, imagery, colours, background and description so it fits your unique branding and style. You can add a link to your online store for clients to buy products, and customise your online vouchers ready to send to clients.

Choose which services are bookable online

We understand that you may not want all your services to be bookable online. That’s why Kitomba lets you customise and manage your services and pricing at a business and individual staff level. Create your own unique packages and bundle together services and products for your clients.

KU Business Coach Lisa Conway

"I couldn't live without online booking. I absolutely love waking up on a Monday morning and finding four or five online bookings from the day before. It's a really good feeling when you know that you're filling up that week or filling up white spaces with bookings that have come through online."

- Samantha Jones, Ms Monaco Hair Society, Sunshine Coast

set up online booking easily

Fast and simple set-up

Set up your online booking site in minutes

It takes less than 10 minutes to create your online booking site and you can start taking bookings straight away. Choose what services are bookable online, personalise your site, link it to your website and social media and watch the requests fill your appointment book!

No website required

Don’t have a website? No problem! Kitomba Online Booking is hosted by Kitomba, so you can have an online booking site without needing a website. You can link to your online booking site from your social media accounts, Google My Business listing, and get found in Google.


KU Business Coach Lisa Conway

"Kitomba Online Booking makes it easier for us to run our business. I think it’s fun to turn your computer on and see that there’s lots of booking requests that have come in overnight. You can be sleeping and you’re actually making bookings. I love that!"

- Pania Ryan, Pania Ryan Beauty Retreat, Palmerston North

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Kitomba Online Booking FAQs

What is online booking?

Online booking is a software feature that enables you to take bookings online. It enables your clients to book an appointment with you without needing to visit your business, call, or email. Online booking shows services and times available in your calendar that they can choose to book, which you’ll then receive a booking request for.

Why should salons, spas and clinics offer online booking?

Online booking software makes it simple for your salon clients to book at their convenience, even when your business is closed. This improves your client experience because clients can book outside standard business hours, and it helps businesses to fill their appointment book because clients choose from empty slots on your calendar.

How does Kitomba Online Booking work?

Kitomba Online Booking enables you to easily create an online booking platform that you can link from your website, social media and marketing to enable clients to book online. You can customise your online booking page with your branding and choose which services are bookable online.

Online Booking will automatically sync with your appointment book to show staff availability for the client’s chosen services, so your clients can see which time slots are available and can book a time that suits them.

Kitomba notifies you when a client makes an online booking. You then choose to accept, move or cancel a booking before it’s confirmed with your client. Kitomba will also automatically let your client know you’ve received and confirmed their booking so you don’t have to.

Can I customise my Online Booking site?

Absolutely! Kitomba Online Booking enables you to personalise your booking site with an image, background, colours and more.

Will I lose control over my appointment book?

No! You’ll remain fully in control of your appointment book as you need to approve, edit or deny appointments before they’re confirmed. This enables you to make any necessary changes to appointments when they come through, and Kitomba Online Booking syncs with your appointment book and staff availability and capability to ensure bookings are only received for available times and services.

What happens when I book a free demo of Kitomba?

When you book a free demo with us, we’ll get in touch with you to organise a time to discuss your business needs and goals and take you through the software and how it can work for you. To book your free demo, click here.

KU Business Coach Lisa Conway

"Our staff find Online Booking really easy to use, too. It’s great that they can approve every booking before it comes through, and they find that their clients know exactly what they’re booking for."

- Kaaren Whale, Studio 31

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