New Kitomba One Features

new kitomba one features

Running your business with Kitomba just got even easier with three new Kitomba One features.

Online Booking Payments

We’ve been crunching the numbers on 10 million Client Bookings and found out some pretty cool stuff.

On average, Kitomba customers with Online Booking take 10% of all their appointments online, that’s 56 client Online Bookings every month, or almost $50,000 a year.* That’s a great boost to any business!

We also found that on average 10%, or 1 in 10 appointments, are cancelled or become a no show. Cancellations are the biggest challenge making up almost 9 of the 10 of these ‘bad’ appointments. The good news is that if a client makes their appointment online using Online Bookings, the cancellation and no show numbers drop.

With extra sales, less work for your staff, improved client service and lower rates of cancellations and no shows, it’s pretty clear that Kitomba Online Booking is a great addition to any business. Now with Online Booking Payments, Online Booking has got even better!

This new feature gives you the option to take deposits when your clients book via Online Booking which increases their commitment to their appointment.

How it works

1) Setup: Set the deposit amount needed to book an appointment online. This can be a percentage of the service cost (e.g. 20%), a set amount (e.g. $20) or the full cost of the service. Then set your cancellation policy so that your clients know what happens to the deposit if the client cancels.

2) Client Booking: When your clients make an appointment via Online Booking they’ll be asked to pay a deposit with their credit card or PayPal account to secure their booking. 

3) At your business: When the client finishes their appointment and comes to pay, they only need to pay you the remaining balance.

4) Cancellations & no-shows: If your client cancels or no shows you have the option to keep or refund their deposit, depending on your preference. Simple!

Stock Management

Good stock management is key to reducing waste and improving your cash flow. We understand this which is why we’ve added new, easy to use, stock management features to Kitomba One.

New stock management options in the Products tab let you update your stock levels when you:

  • Receive an order

  • Do a stocktake

  • Use a product in store

Product numbers are automatically updated when you make a product sale too. Easy!

To start managing your stock in Kitomba One, just use the stocktake feature to update your stock levels. At the moment the amount of stock available is set as zero for all products.

There are two ways to use our new Stock Management feature:

1) First select the action you want to take, e.g. ‘use product in store’, then search manually for the products or scan the barcode then update the stock levels.

2) Filter products by category or supplier, select the relevant products, the action you want to take, and update the numbers. We recommended using this method for stocktakes.


Stock Report

We’ve also added a new stock report to help you keep an eye on your stock levels, which products are flying off the shelves and which aren’t doing so well. 

Online Booking Payments FAQs

Where do deposits go?

Deposits are paid into your PayPal account, you will need to setup an account if you haven’t got one already.  


I don’t use PayPal, can I collect deposits another way?

No, the only way to collect Online Booking deposits is for them to be paid into your PayPal account.


How can my clients pay the deposit if they don’t have a PayPal account?

Your clients can choose to pay with their credit/debit card or PayPal account.


I trust my clients to come to their appointments, do I have to take deposits?

It’s completely up to you whether you require a deposit from clients making online bookings. If you don’t want to take deposits then you don’t need to do anything.


Where do I write a cancellation policy?

Head to ‘Online Booking Settings’ in Kitomba One to write your cancellation policy, remember to save any changes you make.


What should I include in my cancellation policy?

A cancellation policy is optional but it’s always best to be upfront with your clients about what you do with their money. The exact wording of the policy is up to you but if you take deposits your policy should clearly state when a client will lose their deposit.


How do I calculate how much the client has left to pay for their service?

Kitomba will automatically do this for you. When a customer comes to pay, the deposit will be applied to the invoice and Kitomba will show the remaining balance to be paid.


How long does it take for PayPal to send me the client’s deposit?

Deposits take 2-3 days to be credited to your PayPal account. You’ll need to select the withdraw option in PayPal when you want to pay them into your bank account. This takes a further 3-4 days.


Will the deposit values be displayed in my Kitomba financial reports?

Not directly, however you will  see a special payment type called ‘Online Booking payments received’. This is a balancing entry to show invoices that have been partially paid with a deposit.


How do I refund a client’s deposit?

There are two ways deposits can be refunded…

  1. Admins have a refund button on an appointment - this allows a refund at any stage.

  2. When you cancel or deny a booking you are given an option to refund the deposit, which will trigger a refund from your PayPal account

How long before my client gets their refund?

PayPal says that refunds can take anywhere from 24 hours to 5 working days. Payments from a PayPal account are processed faster than payments from credit cards.


If I refund the customer directly from my PayPal account will this be updated in Kitomba?

No, refunds must be processed in Kitomba for updates to be displayed there.


I only want to take deposits for some of my services how do I do this?

You can't -  the deposit option selected for your business applies to all services.


I only want to take deposits for some of my staff how do I do this?

You can’t -  the deposit option selected for your business applies to all staff members.


My accountant wants to know the total outstanding liability of my deposits, how do I find this?

The ‘Online Booking payments received’ report in Kitomba One will display what has happened to   all deposits taken over the selected period of time. Those not yet used will represent the liability built up in that period.

If you run the report for the entire time you have been taking deposits the total unused will be your total current outstanding liability.

*Average dollar value across 749 salons in 2016.

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