Why it's time to burn the book


Why it's time to burn the book


It’s you’re bible, we know. The age old appointment book has helped many a successful salon owner manage their hair and beauty appointments. But is it reliable? Is it secure? and is it costing you time and money? Here are 5 reasons why it may be time to ‘burn the book’ and start using salon software.


1. Is it reliable?

Yes, if you carry your book around with you at all times, don’t drop it in the rain or loose pages. But what happens if you’re bible comes to a soggy sorry end…? Don’t let this happen, with cloud based software like Kitomba, you don’t have to worry about lost information. Log in from any computer, laptop or tablet and you’re ready to go. Your precious business data is kept safe in the cloud and is available for you to access anytime anywhere.


2. Is it secure?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of a stylist leaving a salon and taking the client list with them. Don’t leave your client cards and customer lists lying around for everyone to see (or steal). Get salon software and decide who gets access to what information. Keep your business information safe and protected. With separate log ins - your staff can see just what they need to do their job, whilst you can get full access to your business.


3. Is it costing you time?

A manual system = manual processes. Are you still calling or texting every single customer to remind them about their appointments? It takes a while doesn’t it? Make better use of you and your staff’s time and delegate this task to salon software. Kitomba automatically sends an email or text to your customers the day before their appointment and is shown to reduce no shows by 98%*. Software helps you to streamline your process and save you time.


4. Is it costing you money?

On a paper based system, when your salon doors close, your business closes too, meaning you could be missing out on appointments. Keep your business open around the clock with Online Booking. Online Booking lets your clients book when it suits them without the hassle of calling, leaving messages or working around salon hours. The best bit is that you have full control of what appointment times, stylists and services are available and you get to approve every appointment before it is confirmed with the client.


5. Is it telling you what’s really going on in your business?

Sure your books great at telling you who’s coming in and at what time. But does it tell you why sales were lower this week? How much income is coming from retail products? How much value is each staff member delivering? How many no-shows each week? What is the future value of my booked appointments? Knowledge is power and this is the value of salon software. It records every element of your business and easy visual reports ensure vital information is always at your fingertips.


So why wait, burn your beloved book and make the shift to salon software today!


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*Based on Kitomba customer data of 2000 customers


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Article courtesy of Adam Turner,
UK Sales Manager



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