A great team is key to any successful salon, spa, or clinic. These guides and resources concentrate on the key elements that will help you build the team you need to achieve your goals!


Creating the right culture in your business builds great team unity, attracts great talent and ensures your staff want to stay. Check out these resources to help you establish a positive culture in your salon, spa, or clinic.

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Business coach Jay from Zing shares his secrets to increase happiness in the workplace


Being a great leader

A good leader keeps everyone moving in the same direction, working towards the same goals and loving every minute of it along the way. Here are some tips to help you become a great leader and get the most out of your team!


The relationships you build with your team and they build with each other are important in creating two way trust and strong working relationships.

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Not sure if you should socialise with your team? Read our blog for advice
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Shape an amazing salon team with these 9 no nonsense tips

Hiring the right people

Having a fantastic, high performing team starts with hiring the right people. Here’s some advice on how to ensure you get the staff you need.

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Business Coach Lisa Conway explains how to hire the right staff

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