Rebooking and Retention; what does it all mean?

rebooking and retention 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions the Kitomba support team hear. We love that our customers are looking at these numbers as they are two of the most important numbers when checking the health of your business.

So, what is Rebooking?
When your client walks out your door following an appointment, the clock starts ticking. If your client makes another appointment within 24 hours of their last appointment, this is rebooking. They may rebook at the end of their appointment, they may rebook online when they get home or they may give you a call later that day. As long as it’s done within 24 hours of their appointment, your client is counted as rebooked.

But what if my client books multiple appointments in advance?
These are still counted as rebooked. So future appointments made within 24 hours of your clients last appointment AND future appointments that were booked prior to your clients last appointment are all counted as rebooked.

So, what is Retention?
If your client doesn’t make a future booking within that 24 hours of their last appointment, they are considered retained, not rebooked.

For clients that can’t rebook on the spot, it’s really important to remind them that they can rebook online or via Facebook when they get home – you could even send them a text message reminder.

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