Preparation is key for successful marketing campaigns

 successful marketing

With our busy schedules it’s easy to forget about great marketing and up-selling opportunities that are around the corner. This usually leads to last minute panic and campaigns being sent out with disappointing results. Preparation is key to make any marketing campaign worthwhile and successful.


When you do decide to run a campaign, take the opportunity to not only up sell to existing clients but advertise to new clients three weeks away.


Start planning from now especially in such a competitive industry, it’s important to get in first and grab your client’s attention. You also need this time in advance to think about the marketing channels you wish to communicate your message to your clients.


Here are some ideas to help plan your next campaign:

1. Send out a text/email

Send a text or a beautiful email to your clients with a taste of your upcoming special. Make the call to action clear, whether its clicking onto a link that drives them to your website or whether it’s popping into the salon.

2. Blast your media

Think of all the communication channels you can connect with your clients. Use Facebook to promote your campaign by uploading photos and insert links that will drive clients to your website.  Use catchy phrases that are short and easy to read.

3. Promote with photo frames

Catch your clients attention while they are in their seats. Promote your specials and vouchers in a cute photo frame and place it on your work stations or at your front desk.


4.  Update your website

Update your website landing page with images of campaign - prizes, gift vouchers. makeover treatment packages (or whatever you wish to promote)

5.  Purchase t-shirts for your staff to wear

What better way to get creative and wear your campaign.  Create an on brand t-shirt about your campaign or simply have it read… “ask me about our new Pamper Package” for example.


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Article courtesy of Brenda Perham,

Business Coach, Bamboo Consulting

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