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Online Booking is essential in today's technology driven world. It essentially keeps your salon or spa open for business 24/7. Over half of Online Booking are made outside of trading hours - Customers can book when it suits them rather than being restricted to salon hours and it also keeps your phone line free for other matters.


Check out these 10 tips for getting more Online Bookings

  1. Post it on your Facebook page.  Make it easy for your clients to find your Online Booking page. You can post Online Booking to your salon Facebook page in less than 5 minutes. Instructions can be found here. Do it today!

  2. Post it on your website. Make sure the button for Online Booking is on the top half of your website (above  the fold line) and that the button is really, really clear.  Get your web developer on to this ASAP.

  3. Change your voicemail message. ‘Sorry we can’t get to the phone right now, you can book online at….’

  4. Put a sign on the front counter. “Book Online”

  5. Put a sign on your front door.  ‘The salon may be closed but we take bookings online 24/7!’

  6. Send out an email or sms campaign. ‘Great news, you can now book through our website or Facebook page.

  7. Put a link to your Online Booking page onto your email templates.  Keep Online Booking top of mind for your client. Ensure the link is prominent with a prompt to book online.

  8. Use email marketing for rebooking reminders – set up a ‘re-booking reminder’ email campaign that  emails customers who have not re-booked six weeks after their appointment. Have a link or button in the email that links to Online Booking. To find out more about sending free emails to your clients, check out Mailchimp.

  9. Set up a ‘lapsed client’ email marketing campaign that emails customers who have not re-booked 12 weeks after their appointment prompting them to “come back”. Include a link or button to your Online Booking page. Again check out Mailchimp to find out how to send out email marketing campaigns.

  10. ALL marketing material that you produce should also remind clients that they can book online (e.g. appointment reminder cards, receipt ‘footers’,  refer a friend cards, loyalty and concession cards etc).

It takes just five minutes to install the Kitomba “Book Now” button on a Facebook business page. See the i
nstructions here

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