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Word of mouth is by far your most important marketing tool. Get your clients talking about your business with these tips.


Reward your clients when they refer a friend:

We all know that a big portion of your new business comes from your existing clients talking about you. So, encourage your clients to talk about you with their friends by rewarding them. Offering a free treatment for your client and their friend, a small added extra, is often enough to entice your happy clients to sell your business for you. Plus, in Kitomba One you can record the referral note against your client, so you won't forget to reward them at their next appointment.


Get Social:

Ask your clients to write a review of your business on your Facebook page. New clients who are checking you out, will see how happy your current clients are and will rush to book in. Try running a competition, everyone who writes a review goes into the draw to win a basket of goodies…


Surprise and delight:

Add a little extra to your service that will surprise and delight your client, perhaps you offer all of your clients a glass of bubbles in the evening or you could give every client a gift pack full of product samples and include a refer a friend deal. Adding some surprise and delight to your service will be sure to get your customers talking.

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Darryl Gatward is Kitomba New Zealand’s National Sales Manager and is passionate about helping our industry be more successful.

Darryl has previously led the Kitomba Support Team, has extensive experience in the fields of learning development and training both with Kitomba and elsewhere.

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