Banish the 'Do you want fries with that?' approach!

From shampoo to cosmetics, retail sales should make up approximately 20% of your salon or spa’s total sales.  If you're falling a bit short of this, boost retail sales with these 3 handy tips.


1. You're the expert:

Always remember that you are the expert, and that your clients are looking for your guidance and direction on how to keep their hair, skin or nails healthy and looking fabulous. Be confident with your recommendations and use your industry knowledge to tailor product recommendations to each client.


2. Gentle selling throughout the appointment is key:

Don't leave it to the end to sell retail, start as soon as your client is in the chair. For example, the perfect time to recommend products to suit your client's hair and scalp condition is during the consultation and while washing their hair. By gently selling throughout the appointment, your client has time to buy into your recommendation, and it does not come across as pushy at the end.


3. Teach your clients how to use the product:

Helping your clients to understand how much of the product to use, and how to apply it, goes a long way to closing a retail sale. By using the product to create their new look, you reinforce the need for your retail product.


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Darryl Gatward is Kitomba New Zealand’s National Sales Manager and is passionate about helping our industry be more successful.

Darryl has previously led the Kitomba Support Team, has extensive experience in the fields of learning development and training both with Kitomba and elsewhere.

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