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Why it's time to burn the book

5 reasons you need to stop using a paper appointment book and start using salon software. Read more



Build your word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth is by far your most important marketing tool. Get your clients talking about your business with these tips.

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Five marketing tips that will make you more successful

Social media, website and email. Are you making the most of these opportunities to grow your business?

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Three picture perfect ways to better emails

Easy ways to improve your email marketing results with use of images. A picture paints 1000 words…. and your marketing emails are no different...

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Preparation is key for successful marketing campaigns

With our busy schedules it’s easy to forget about great marketing and up-selling opportunities that are around the corner. Preparation is key to make any marketing campaign worthwhile and successful.

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Valentines Day Marketing Tips

With the bustle of the Christmas/New Year period now a distant memory, it’s time to refocus your marketing efforts on all of those 2015 opportunities in front of you. Next on the list V-day.

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New clients…the lifeblood of your business!

A key indicator of the health of your business is how many new clients are stepping through your door. Here’s a few strategies to keep your new client numbers growing.

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Simple secrets to get your pricing right

Don't miss out on your share of the “profit cake.” Check out these tips to get your pricing on track.

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Banish the 'Do you want fries with that?' approach!

From shampoo to cosmetics, retail sales should make up approximately 20% of your salon or spa’s total sales. If you're falling a bit short of this, boost retail sales with these 3 handy tips.

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Business planning

Four questions you need to ask yourself

Putting sturcture and strategy into your day will let you be more productive. Here are four questions to ask yourself.

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Reflect, plan and set new goals

January is the perfect time to take a step back to look at your business. Reflect, plan and set new goals.

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Understand the numbers to reap the rewards

If you want to understand your business better, start looking at these numbers...

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Four simple tips to get data security right

We've heard the horror stories of a stylist/therapist leaves a business and taking the database of clients with them. Make sure this doesn't happen to you with these 4 simple steps.

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Mentoring your team for success

Having a great team is essential to having a successful salon or spa. To make sure you team is always improving, check out these guideline to mentor your team (and your salon) to success.

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Client experience

How delicious is your salon’s client journey?

Tips to make sure you've got to have a client journey that your clients want to talk to their friends about...

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10 tips to get more appointments from Online Booking

Online Booking is essential in today's technology driven world. It essentially keeps your salon or spa open for business 24/7. Over half of Online Booking are made outside of trading hours.

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The best way to reduce no shows

Are missed appointments costing you time and money? The easiest way to decrease no shows in your business is to use automatic text message reminders.

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Online booking: why your business needs it

Clients are looking for convenience and simplicity when it comes to making their next hair or beauty appointment. The best thing you can do to meet your client’s needs and increase your revenue is to set up online booking.

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Building loyal clients

Rebooking and Retention; what does it all mean?

What is rebooking? What is retention? This is one of the most frequently asked questions the Kitomba support team hear.

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What salon and spa owners need to know about client loyalty

Find out how to keep your clients coming back with our simple tips for client loyalty.

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Rebook your salon and spa clients and reap the rewards

Make sure you’re maximizing the potential of the clients you have stepping through your door with these tips to rev up your rebook culture.

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Social media

How to connect with your clients using Pinterest

In just four years Pinterest has become the second highest source of website referral traffic, one spot behind Facebook. Check out these tips to create the perfect Piterest page.

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Creating the right first impression on Facebook

Facebook is an easy and fast way to engage with your clients. Check out these five tips to get your page looking sharp.

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Connect & engage with your clients using Facebook

Do you need some fresh new ideas or tips to boost your Facebook activity and engage with your clients? Check out these easy and fun Facebook activities that will help grow your ‘likes’.

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