Stock is an important part of a salon, spa or clinic’s overheads and it can also be a real money maker! Learn how to manage your stock smarter and get advice on selling more retail.

Smart stock management

Learn how to manage your stock efficiently and effectively.


Stock management with Kitomba

Here you can learn how to manage your stock in Kitomba.

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Watch to learn how to manage stock in Kitomba
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Understand how to keep track of stock with Kitomba's Stock Turnover Report
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Are you a multi-site salon? Watch to learn about Kitomba stock management
Tips to sell more retail

Retail is a great way to assist your clients and grow profit for your salon, spa or clinic. Here are some tips to help you sell more retail.

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Mark Luty from Frog Coaching helps you to understand buying behaviour
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Kitomba's Australasian Sales Director gives you tips to sell more retail

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