Client experience should be an important focus for every salon, spa or clinic, with the goal of meeting or exceeding your client’s expectations wherever possible. Doing this can have a significant impact on your business’ ability to increase client loyalty and revenue, and can set you apart from your competitors.



A loyalty programme is a great way to develop loyal clients. It rewards your clients for choosing your business and incentivises them to return. Learn more about loyalty and Kitomba’s customisable Loyalty.

Online Booking

Clients are looking for convenience and simplicity when making their next appointment. Online booking makes it simple for your clients to book via your website, emails, texts or social media channels.

Photos and Documents

Kitomba gives you the ability to save photos and documents to your Client Cards to enhance your client’s experience at your salon, spa or clinic. Save important client documents, like consent forms, so you have your client’s details on hand and add a profile photo so you can instantly recognise clients as they arrive. Learn more about how these features can create an exceptional client experience.

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