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Become a Kitomba software expert and be more successful!

k shield white pos6 Weekly online training

Learn from business coaches and Kitomba experts about doing business smarter and how to use Kitomba better

Join us for Kitomba University’s weekly online training sessions! They're held every Monday at 11am and 2pm NZST.

Miss a training session? Don’t worry! If you register, you’ll receive a recording of the training to watch when it suits you.

We offer a range of different training to cater to everyone’s requirements. To determine which sessions you should attend, we’ve created four training categories:


Business Coach Business Coach: hosted by a business coach, these sessions are all about doing business smarter

Kitomba expert Kitomba Expert: our experts will focus on how to make your business more successful

How to Kitomba How To: get the most out of Kitomba as we show you how to use features that will benefit your business

Multi site Salons Multi-Site: these sessions focus specifically on demonstrating valuable Kitomba Enterprise features to multi-site salon owners

Register for Kitomba University online training sessions here:


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23 October




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Your most important Kitomba report

11am & 2pm, 30 October


If there's any report you should be running it's the Kitomba Business Summary! It shows you all the key figures you need to know about your business. During this session we'll show you how to use this report to help grow your business and become more successful.

 Register for Monday at 11am

 Register for Monday at 2pm

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The 3 figures that'll catapult your salon to the next level

11am, 6 November


A wealth of salon knowledge, Salon Business Coach Malcolm Gibbons will discuss the 3 magic figures you need to know, understand and monitor to help you grow your business and take it to the next level along. Plus you'll receive many tid-bits of valuable salon success tips along the way. Don't miss the last business coach session of the year!

 Register for Monday at 11am

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How to get the most out of Online Booking

11am & 2pm, 13 November


Do you have Online Booking and think it could perform better? Or perhaps you're not sure if your business needs Online Booking? Then this session is for you! Firstly, we'll show you how to set up Online Booking and take deposits from your clients. Then we'll take you through how to get the most out of Kitomba Online booking and the difference it can make to your bottom line. 

 Register for Monday at 11am

 Register for Monday at 2pm

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Reports in Kitomba and Kitomba One

11am & 2pm, 20 November


Kitomba is proud to offer industry leading reporting. But what are the key reports you should be using? During this session we'll take you through what the key reports are in both Kitomba and Kitomba One. We'll also look specifically at the reports that will assist with start and end of day functions. 

 Register for Monday at 11am

 Register for Monday at 2pm


k shield white pos7 Training Library 


Learn when it suits you with our library of recordings of all Kitomba training sessions

All Kitomba University online training sessions are recorded and available for you to view via our Knowledge base. Now you have the ability to access training whenever it suits you!


Watch some our most popular sessions now:



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How does awesome happen with Lisa from Zing

Recording available


Simply being awesome isn't enough, you need everyone on your team to be awesome too. You need it to be contagious. Unlike the common cold, as salon owners you actually WANT everyone on your team to catch this Super Bug. In this webinar Lisa Conway, business coach, will explain how to catch the AWESOME VIRUS first so you can breath it through your salon.

 Watch the recording

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5 ways to make your Christmas rock this year with Malcolm

Recording available


Now I know, you know, that Christmas will happen this year whether you’re ready or not, so you might as well be ready! Malcolm Gibbons, Business Coach, takes you through how to plan for the silly season.

 Watch the recording

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How to motivate your team for success with Malcolm

Recording available


Want to help your team reach their full potential? Watch this business coach session hosted by Malcolm Gibbons from Shock Consult who will give you tips and advice about being a great manager.

 Watch the recording

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Getting to know Kitomba One

Recording available


Kitomba One allows you to access your Kitomba from absolutely anywhere on the device you prefer. This session will familiarise you with Kitomba One and the features available. 

 Watch the recording

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Smarter stock management with Kitomba

Recording available


Do you know how much the stock on your shelves is worth? This Kitomba How To takes you through what reports to use and what the numbers mean to help you understand what stock is working for you.

 Watch the recording

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Kitomba targets

Recording available


This Kitomba How To shows you how Kitomba targets work so you can start creating targets for your business and staff to achieve your goals. 

 Watch the recording

Kitomba is what wires our business together. There are so many features we havent even tapped into yet and we want to get the most out of our investment in Kitomba. The training opportunities are accessible to eve 4

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k shield white pos9 Training

Introductory training

When you sign up to Kitomba you receive a three hour session with an expert from our training team. At a time suitable for you, learn how to set up your database, any equipment supplied and how to use the core functions of Kitomba including:


  • Using your appointment book
  • Working with client records
  • Making sales
  • Beginning/end of day tasks

On demand training

Are there particular Kitomba features you’d like to receive additional training on? You can purchase an on demand training session with one of our Kitomba experts for you and your team!


Find out more

k shield white pos8 Knowledge base

Not sure how to use a function or want tips from the experts? Get the most out of Kitomba by visiting our Knowledge base which is jam packed with guides and how to’s.


Visit Kitomba's Knowledge base

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What do you want from Kitomba University?

Want to become more qualified in a particular function of Kitomba? Recommend a webinar or interactive tutorial topic and our Kitomba experts will look at adding it to the Kitomba University curriculum.


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