Kitomba - Core Salon Booking Software

A complete salon booking software and spa management system that lets you get down to business.



Book clients, find details and analyse your workflow with a click.

Simple and efficient, your appointment book is the heart of your business and with Kitomba it works a whole lot harder. Kitomba salon booking software maximises the most valuable tool of your business.

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Keep a record of your relationship and know your salon client's full history at a glance.

Quick and simple, you'll be ready with the information you need to deliver a personal service experience every time. Salon client booking is only one part of our salon booking software.

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Make every transaction effortless.

New clients or regulars, cash or card, vouchers or rewards - our salon booking software handles it all with ease. Scan your retail products and reconcile the day, Kitomba's point of sale salon booking software clearly tracks and presents your sales information.

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Salon Marketing

Send professional communications in our salon booking software with ease.

Everyday Marketing auto-magically pampers your clients with SMS and email loyalty rewards, two-way rebooking reminders, referral thank-yous and personal birthday greetings. Or create a one-off campaign using our gorgeous range of email templates and efficiently monitor the results.

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Star Clients

Gain insight into your clients and quickly see how to enhance their experience and increase their value to your business.

Star Clients is a visual tool that's unique to Kitomba salon booking software. It gives you the information you need about your most important salon clients, when you need it.

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Software Security

Keep your valuable client record protected and choose who has access to every area in your salon booking software

With personal pins and the ability to quickly track movement you can feel comfortable that your best business asset, your client list, is safe and secure - thanks to Kitomba’s salon booking software.

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Never base a decision on a guesstimate again.

Your business in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world constantly creates information that Kitomba salon booking software catches, so you can analyse the details you need immediately. If it's part of your business, we can report it. Some of our customer's favourite reports let them view client history, staff performance, stock statistics and reconcile their cash drawer at the end of each day. It's instant and easy to keep your business at your fingertips.

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Customise your menu of services and pricing to reflect the brand experience you're looking to achieve.

Report on services at a staff and business level and monitor the results. With a salon booking software like Kitomba this will integrate in your business management with less effort than ever before.

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Don't let your cash go to waste on the salon shelves.

Our stock manager within your new salon booking software tells you what you need so you can control your supplies with confidence.

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Keep a record of your relationships and know your client's full history at a glance.

Quick and simple, you'll be ready with the information you need to deliver a personal service experience every time.

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Make managing your team a breeze with this powerful salon booking software business tool.

Our spa and salon business reports help you identify training gaps, motivate your team and reward their success. Set or adjust wages and commission in your new salon software with the click of a mouse and manage it all on an individual or group basis. Take the guesswork out of your roster and get everyone on your team working towards the same goal.

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Cloud Software Solution


Kitomba One

Safe, secure, available from any device with a web browser - Kitomba One gives you the peace of mind to sleep at night (or work in your pajamas).

Kitomba One is your Kitomba in the cloud. It gives you and your team anywhere, any time, any device access to all the information and features you need via the cloud. Open any web browser on your computer, smart phone or tablet, and away you go.

Salon Appointments Booking: Track and manage appointments on the move. Available on your smartphone, iPad or any mobile device with a web browser.

Salon Business Reports: Don't lose sleep wondering what's happening - with access to your reports from any web browser Kitomba One gives you instant insights to put your mind at ease.

Salon and Spa Clients: Enjoy the freedom to answer client enquiries from anywhere with immediate access to bookings and client history.

Salon Stock: Never get caught short again - with stock manager on your mobile device you'll always be prepared to place an order or forecast future supplies.

Salon Hair and Beauty Services: Set or adjust your menu of services in Kitomba One at your convenience.

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Online Booking

Give your clients the freedom to make an appointment at their leisure. Half of all online bookings are made outside trading hours, so we keep your business working around the clock.

kitomba salon software management system appointments online booking mini website


With options to display salon staff members and available times, our security measures keep bookings genuine and free up your phone line.

We'll work with your existing website and if you don't already have a website, we'll provide a FREE mini website which works as a salon booking software that's branded for your business in New Zealand.

kitomba salon software management system appointments online booking facebook

Facebook Online Salon Appointment Booking

Make the most of every opportunity and turn your social media site into another revenue stream.

Facebook online salon booking software lets your New Zealand clients book directly from your Facebook page with a click.

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Gain insight into your business, and your industry. Unique to Kitomba, Benchmark gives you the ability to instantly see where you stand.

Hair and Beauty Industry comparison

Are your prices too low? What is an average client spend?

Understand where your business sits against the industry. Compare key aspects like rebooking, price and retail sales and use this information to drive your business. All data is anonymous so you can safely see how you and your team stack up against the opposition with your new salon booking software.

Salon Staff comparison

With visual reports on retail, services and client retention, Benchmark lets you see how your team is performing.

Identify training gaps and reward the superstars. Make team meetings and appraisals a breeze with information from your new salon booking software that clearly summarises every performance.

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Kitomba One Enterprise - Multi-Site Solution Salon Software

Whether you run a centralised ownership model or are a franchisee or franchisor, our salon booking software keeps you in control. Operate stand alone Kitomba in every outlet and access it all in the cloud with Kitomba One Enterprise.

With the ability to focus on a specific outlet or your entire empire, Kitomba One Enterprise salon booking software creates efficiencies in time and money.

One - Salon reporting view

Track performance and identify trends in real time at a staff, business and group level.

One - Salon appointment booking view

Keep it local, or operate one centralised booking centre serving all your sites.

One - Salon stock view

Reduce wastage and manage your stock with confidence. With unlimited SKU's you can control your retail and distribution strategy and make informed decisions across the board.

One - Salon services view

Set up a new service and price once, then make it available at all locations for a consistent brand experience.

One - Spa or Salon client view

Keep your brand delivering the best in personal service. With client details and service history available at all outlets, your clients will enjoy a friendly and efficient experience every time.

One - Salon staff view

Identify your top and bottom performing staff, making it easy to reward the stars and target the training gaps in your team.

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Salon Software Special sauce

Kitomba's 'special sauce' is our support and the best bit is, every Kitomba customer gets the special sauce! Take a look at the many ways we help you get the most from having Kitomba on your team.

Software Support

We make sure you always have what you need to do the best for your salon or spa business

Our unlimited phone and email salon software support is available 24/6, and the best part is that it's all FREE. And, if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation 'Teamviewer' allows us to remote access, which means we can take control of the mouse and walk you through it every step of the way.

Flexible software pricing

Whether you're a solo operator or a multi-site enterprise, we have a salon booking software pricing solution to suit.

For less than the cost of a famous New Zealand Flat White a day, Kitomba salon booking software will deliver everything instantly, will never complain about the hours and always work hard for your business.

Salon software system migration

If you're switching to Kitomba from another provider, we'll move all your valuable data across and make sure your information is never at risk. Or, if you're getting a system for the first time, we'll help you every step of the way.

Daily software backups

Theft, fire or natural disaster - if you have an internet connection, your entire database is backed up to our server daily and is kept safe from physical harm. We all hope it never happens, but should your salon or spa business meet with calamity, Kitomba will get you back on your feet right away.

Salon software upgrades

We value customer feedback and take every comment on board. Our system is regularly updated with new features and you'll enjoy all upgrades free of charge.

Designer email marketing

Kitomba calls salon email marketing Kmail, which puts our graphic designers at your disposal to create a suite of email templates branded for your hair and beauty business and tailored for every occasion. Additional charges apply.

Weekly salon software online trainings

Our salon booking software is chock full of awesome features and we don't expect you'll use everything at the start. Once a week we offer free web tutorials to help you get the most out of your Kitomba software products.

Our salon software is Mac & PC compatible

Whichever salon management system you're running, Kitomba will work with it.

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