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“Only through the art of listening can together, we create” Specialising in the French art of ‘Visagisme’, a unique consultation journey that explores the connection between hair, body and mind, the talented team of attentive hairdressers at Marie-France Group offer a truly personalised and holistic approach to hairdressing. Through our unique and in-depth consultation process that values open communication, active listening and an authentic exchange, your Marie-France Group Stylist, trained in the French art of Visagisme, will work closely with you to consider your hair type, natural features, personality, lifestyle, needs and desires. By understanding every aspect of your inner and outer being, we are able to identify the relationship between who you are and the image you want to portray, and in doing so, harness and enhance your individual beauty with a style perfectly suited to you, holistically creating harmony between your hair, body and mind.