We've partnered with humm

We’ve partnered with Humm!

30 Apr 2018 by Kitomba

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Humm! If you’re a Kitomba customer in New Zealand or Australia, you have the option to offer Humm. Now your clients can enjoy visiting your salon, spa or clinic today, and pay for the services or products over time.

What is Humm?

Humm is an instalment payment solution which gives your clients the choice to enjoy their service or products now and pay for them over time.

Humm is powered by FlexiGroup, the company who bought you Q Card, Q MasterCard and Farmers Finance Card.

Why offer Humm?

The ability to pay for your service or purchase over time is no longer just a trend, it’s becoming a standard payment option that many consumers expect when they shop at any retailer or service provider.

Instalment payment solutions, like Humm, allow your clients to have their service or products straight away, enjoy the moment and take control of the cost, by spreading it over manageable payments.

Humm has found that offering consumers this kind of flexibility often helps to drive repeat business and increase consumer spend, which is great news for your salon, spa or clinic.

What do you need to know about Humm?

What payments will your clients make?

Humm lets your clients spread the cost of their purchases over four interest-free fortnightly payments with the first instalment paid at the time of purchase.

Are there set-up fees, interest or other charges for your clients?

Humm is interest free and there are no fees to use the service. However, if your client doesn’t make their payment on time, a late payment fee of $10 will apply.

What does it cost a Kitomba salon, spa or clinic to use Humm?

We’ve worked with Humm to ensure that we can provide the best available rate! Please contact Humm for more details.

When do you get paid for the service?

Even though your clients are paying for their purchase in instalments, you’ll receive payment for their purchase, minus the fee from Humm, the next business day.

How to set up Kitomba & Humm

If you choose to sign up to Humm, using it with Kitomba is simple! Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up to Humm

Visit the Humm Australia website to become a merchant.

2. Create a ‘Humm’ payment type

Next you’ll need to create a ‘Humm’ payment type in Kitomba. Visit our support guide to learn how to set up a payment type.

3. Leave the Humm website open on your salon, spa or clinic’s computer

This way you’re ready to create a Humm order whenever a client wishes to make their purchase using Humm!

How to create a Humm order

If your client wishes to make their purchase using Humm, it will just take a couple of minutes to get them set up.

1. Ask your client to sign up to Humm

Get your client to sign up to Humm using their smartphone. They’ll need to fill in some details and Humm will immediately let them know if they’ve been approved or not. All approved Humm customers receive a credit limit of $1,000.

2. Finalise the client’s invoice in Kitomba

Add any services and retail products to your client’s invoice as usual. Let them know the total to pay.

Invoice with new payment type - red boxes

3. Create a Humm order

Open Humm in your web browser, click on ‘New order’ and enter the purchase details:

  • Order number: We recommend including the clients name and Kitomba invoice number.
  • Order price: As per their Kitomba invoice, including GST.
  • Order description: Detail the services and products the client has purchased.

4. Your client will need to confirm their purchase

If your client wants to proceed:

  • Your client will need to select ‘Shop instore’ on their smartphone.
  • A six digit code will display on their screen and be sent via text message.
  • You’ll need to enter the code into the Humm website.

5. Commit the invoice in Kitomba

Once you receive confirmation that Humm has accepted payment, open Kitomba. There change the payment type to ‘Humm’ and commit the invoice.

For more help getting started with Kitomba and Humm, visit our support guide.

What to expect when you use Humm

Phone support

Providing unbeatable support is important to Kitomba, so when we were looking for a part payment partner Humm stood out because they focus on fantastic phone support too!

Welcome pack

When you sign up to Humm, you’ll receive a welcome pack. This includes all the information you’ll need to get started with Humm.

Point-of-sale material

You’ll also receive a variety of point-of-sale materials that you can display in your salon, spa or clinic. For example, stickers to put on your mirrors or front windows and wobblers for your EFTPOS machine. These materials will let your clients know about Humm and promote this new payment option.

For more information about Humm, visit their New Zealand or Australian website.

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    • Hi Victoria, Oxipay doesn’t have contracts, so you can use their service for as long as you wish! In terms of the fee Oxipay charged, we’ve worked with Oxipay to ensure that we can provide the best available rate! We’ll be in touch with you via email with more details. Thanks!

  1. Hi everyone, if you’re a Kitomba customer you will have received an email on April 30th outlining the Oxipay fee details. Please refer to your emails or contact Oxipay for more information! Thanks.

  2. Hi
    I did recieve the email but it was just a link to this blog. Can I please have some more information as to the fees and charges associated with me being the merchant.
    Many thanks

  3. Could you please send my info on Oxipay , if we put our skin range on line to sell , will we be able to use Oxipay or is there some other way
    To take payment on line .
    Another question , our staff are struggling to get their targets to load on their phone, very very slow , or not at all , could some one send mer an email , with these answers

  4. I didn’t receive an email about this in the 30th /04 so if you could send it thru that would be great thank you

  5. I clicked on the link so someone would contact me about 3 weeks ago, then called. they told me they can’t help me and someone from the sales team will follow up the lead…..still nothing. :(

  6. Hi, can you send me the OXipay Fee details – I have checked and see no records of any email from Kitomba on 30 April on OxiPay! Thank you

  7. we are interested in using Oxipay, what is the difference between your services and after pay/salon pay?


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