Feature release

Feature release: Appointments quick view revisited… and more

5 May 2014 by Kitomba

We always value your feedback – especially after we release a new feature. Recently we received A LOT of feedback following the appointment ‘quick view’ release…

The ‘quick view’ is a faster way to view and edit client info from your calendar, however this update removed the appointment ‘created’ date. We discovered many of you actively used and valued this feature, so we’ve added it back!

This version will be rolled out to all Kitomba customers between 5 May – 19 May 2014.

Appointments quick view revisited

  • Appointment ‘created’ date is back!
  • We’ve removed the country code from the phone number and added spacing so it’s easier to read
  • You can now see the phone number type, e.g. ‘Mob’
MORE improvements
  • Printing invoices and customer histories from the Calendar, Cards and Make Sale tabs will be more intuitive, faster and require less clicks. If you use a receipt printer and would like to take advantage of this improvement, read this how-to guide
  • The calendar has been extended out by six years so now you can book clients way into the future

Bug fixes

  • When you shrink your calendar view you will still be able to view and edit your quick view notes
  • Completing a prepped sale will now return you to the invoice tab
  • Recommitting a past invoice should no longer create a blank stock adjustment
  • We’ve refined the prompt box messages around prepping a sale and printing invoices

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