Girl creating Reasons in Kitomba 1

Reasons in Kitomba 1

25 Mar 2019 by Kitomba

We’ve added the ability to manage Reasons for petty cash, leave and custom time to Kitomba 1. This feature is being released over the coming weeks and can be found in Kitomba 1 Settings.

Reasons for single sites

If you’re a single site salon, spa or clinic, you now have the ability to view, create and edit Reasons in Kitomba 1.

Reasons for single sites


To learn more about how to use Reasons in Kitomba 1, visit the support guide.

Reasons for multi-sites

If you’re a multi-site business, this new feature changes a few things.

Reasons in Kitomba 1

For Kitomba Enterprise users, you can now centrally view, create, edit and manage Reasons for all your locations in Kitomba 1 to create consistency.

Note: Individual locations aren’t able to view Reasons in Kitomba 1.

Reasons for Kitomba Enterprise

To get started, you’ll initially need to create your list of Reasons which will then be made available to use at all locations.

If you create or edit a Reason with the same name as one that already exists at one or more of your locations these will automatically match and merge to avoid creating duplicates.

Reasons in Kitomba

When each location views Reasons in Kitomba, they’ll still be able to view, create and edit Reasons for their location.

Now they’ll also be able to view any Reasons in Kitomba that have been created for all locations and are available for them to use.

Reasons in Kitomba

To learn how to get started with Reasons in Kitomba 1 and Kitomba Enterprise, visit our support guide.

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