Business own does taxes for end of financial year

5 tips to prepare your salon for the end of the financial year

11 Mar 2021 by Ashlee Laura

The end of the financial year can be overwhelming for salon, spa and clinic owners. Being a busy salon owner myself, I understand how hard it can be to stay on top of everything, especially when you are working in the business and have only limited time to work on it.
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Double Bookings Report

Double Booking report in Kitomba 1

9 Mar 2021 by Kitomba

Good news! Our latest report lets you see any time your staff or rooms have been double booked, so you can easily make necessary changes ahead of time. 

The report gives you the option to navigate directly to the conflicting appointments, allowing you to quickly make the changes required. Continue reading…

Kitomba reporting

How to do email marketing for your salon in 5 steps

8 Mar 2021 by Paul Gray

Are you finding it difficult to get clients through your door? Email marketing could be the answer you’re looking for.  

In today’s competitive salon and spa market, you have to find ways to “cut through the noise” as consumers are bombarded everyday with tonnes of messages.

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kpis for salons spas clinics

Why salons need KPIs (and how to set them)

5 Mar 2021 by Janelle Kee-Sue

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are important for any type of business, but they’re what enables the hair and beauty industry to truly thrive.

Without clear goals, targets and indicators of business performance, it’s difficult to know where your business stands, and how to achieve the growth and profitability you desire.

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how to wow your clients for free

How to wow your hair and beauty clients for free

3 Mar 2021 by Estelle Carroll

Does your salon, spa or clinic have the wow-factor?

Client experience is important for the hair and beauty industry for many reasons. It has the potential to set your business apart from your competitors, keep your clients coming back, enhance your reputation and make you more successful.

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End of financial year

How to prepare for the end of the financial year with Kitomba

1 Mar 2021 by Kitomba

The end of the financial year comes around at the same time every year, and yet each time it can seem like a surprise. The good news is if you’ve been using Kitomba it’s easy to get much of the information you need to keep your accountant and the tax man happy.
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Untitled design (3)

5 key questions to ask when choosing salon or spa software

28 Feb 2021 by Kitomba

Choosing software for your salon or spa is a big decision. You’ll rely on it to help your business function on a day-to-day basis, as well as supporting your business as you grow, so it needs to have all the functionality you need. 

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Client making an online booking

4 great reasons to take deposits for online bookings

26 Feb 2021 by Kitomba

Whether or not you should take deposits for appointments made at your salon, spa or clinic is often a hot topic in the hair and beauty industry. However, there are a number of reasons you should think about collecting deposits for appointments, and here are the four most important!
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average client spend statistics for hair beauty industry

Industry insights: Average client spend for the hair and beauty industry

23 Feb 2021 by Kitomba

The average client spend for hair and beauty in both New Zealand and Australia is constantly increasing, and reached an all-time high following lockdown restrictions in Q2 2020, which remained elevated in Q4 2020.

We delved deep into the data to find out what’s behind the increasing client spend, and how you can use this information to increase client spend for your own salon, spa or clinic.

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client completing form in salon waiting room

How Studio 31 made the switch to using Kitomba Forms for their client consultations

22 Feb 2021 by Kitomba

When we called Studio 31 to chat about our Forms feature, a cheerful voice answered the phone with “It’s a great day at Studio 31, you’re speaking with Kaaren”. It was immediately clear that Studio 31 puts a lot of care and love into their client experience. Continue reading…